Operation Get Pre-Baby Body Back Update

So I’ve been terrible with this whole workout update I had planned to blog about weekly. But life happens and before you know it, almost 2 months have gone by and I’ve managed to blog about my progress twice. And one of those times was the introduction of my OGPBBB (longest abbreviation ever) so that time doesn’t really count. HOWEVER! Just because I’ve been absolutely horrendous at actually blogging about my progress doesn’t mean that I have been horrendous at actually following through with my 2 month challenge and, in the end, that is all that matters! When I first started I thought I would need to blog about it weekly in order to actually motivate myself to follow through with the plan, but I’ve realized I truly have the motivation to do this challenge for myself to become stronger and healthier. Because in the end, it’s really not about the weight loss, but rather how I FEEL. (And to be honest, I’ve only weighed myself twice in the past 2 months-at the beginning of this challenge to see where I was starting from and this morning to see where I was now-more than 5 lbs less than when I began).
After almost 2 months of Jillian I can honestly say that I feel stronger and healthier then I did at the start. My arms are normally tiny with pretty much non-existing muscle tone, but between carrying around a 15 lb baby and lifting weights I’m actually starting to see muscle tone emerging! Craziness! And although my middle is still a little “softer” than it was pre-baby, if I look hard enough I can see the beginnings of my ab muscles coming back through. I’ve also found that these workouts are such a release of stress and energy. So many days I tell myself that I don’t feel like working out, but then once I do I feel so much better mentally. It’s as if, by pushing my body to it’s limits, I’m able to clear my mind and focus once again on what’s important. And Leah babe? Well, her new favorite thing to do is sit in her big girl highchair while I work out and cheer me on.

"Come on mom, I can lunge lower than that!"

“Come on mom, I can lunge lower than that!”

IMG_1366So even though my 2 month Jillian challenge is slowly coming to an end and I’ll be going back to work part time in a few weeks, I plan on keeping up with my love/hate relationship I have with Jillian Michaels. I might not be as dedicated as I have been, working out 5 days a week, but I will continue working out regularly and keeping up with my runs with Leah because these workouts help center me, morphing me into a stronger, healthier and happier wife and mother. The progress:

Picture to the left, 2 weeks into the challenge, picture to the right, today.

Picture to the left, 2 weeks into the challenge, picture to the right, today.

IMG_1371So here’s to working out and being healthy. Now if only I could convince hubs to go running with me….

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