And we’re off

IMG_0196We are flying tonight to NY to spend Christmas with hubs’ family. We are taking a risk and flying at 9 pm, right at Leah’s bedtime. Now this could either be a genius idea, or it may blow up in our faces. She’s either going to fall asleep in my K’tan wrap pre-take off and sleep the entire time, or she’s going to lose her cool and scream the entire flight. I’m thinking there’s a straight up 50/50 chance of either one. Let’s pray for the first scenario. I’m trying to trick her by dressing her in her pj’s and nursing her right before we get on the plane. See that, Leah? Just a normal night time routine! To everyone: have a wonderful Christmas! We will be back on the 30th with (I’m sure) a million pictures to share.
Merry Christmas!!!


2 thoughts on “And we’re off

  1. Sarah says:

    Isn’t that the truth with babies?? I think the same thing a lot… “This is either going to go reallllyyyy well, or realllyyyyy terribly.” Hope it’s the first one!

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