A 2012 Year in Review

2012 was an exciting year. It brought a LOT of changes (hello, baby) and a lot of love. Without further ado, I give you our Becker Family 2012 Year Review:

img_4559Hubs and I moved into our new home rental. This move was not planned and was totally a God send. We just happened to come across a cute home with a “for rent” sign out front, called, realized it was in our price range and was a 2 bed, 2 bath (a step up from our current 1 bed, 1 bath) and quickly snatched it up. The fact that we found out we were preggers about a week after we got the new house was just crazy.
img_4575My little sister Cakes moved to FL to be our (very short lived) neighbor. Sadly, her life in FL only lasted about 3 months before she applied and got accepted to a grad school program in elementary ed up in NH. But I sure did enjoy having a Bachelor watching buddy down here while it lasted…

Check out Brett's cousin's face in the front row. Priceless.

Check out Brett’s cousin’s face in the front row. Priceless.

Brett’s entire family came down to FL to celebrate his grandpa’s 80th birthday. We had a blast sharing “our” island with family and we shared our exciting baby news with them all, but told them to keep it on the DL (at that time we were only sharing the news with family).
DSC_0806 DSC_0845
My parents came to FL to help me celebrate my 26th birthday.
dsc01949We announced our baby news to the “world” (via my blog and Facebook) with a fun sunscreen message at the beach.
DSC_0841Noodle made her debut (except at this time we didn’t know that she was a she!) and we had our second ultrasound.


Hubs and I traveled to Disney World to spend a fun day in Magic Kingdom with friends and then watch my running club run the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Unfortunately my new pregnancy nausea kept me from running with them, but it didn’t stop me and Brett from being the world’s best cheering squad.
img_0052I had a mid-pregnancy crises and decided to chop off all my hair. This was highly encouraged from the “You look like a pregnant 18 year old” comments. Whether or not the shorter hair helped is still unknown since I now receive the “You look like an 18 year old mom” comments.
26529085275045998_b8es4ast_fWe found out that our precious baby noodle was a girl! I felt like baby became more “real” at this point, now that we knew what baby was going to be.

We wear matching cat shirts

We wear matching cat shirts

My family came back down to FL to celebrate my mom’s and baby sister’s birthday on the island. My parents gift us with basically an entire wardrobe for baby girl.
IMG_0169My parents send us a new crib for noodle and we excitedly set it up in her new room (and when I say “we” you know I mean “hubs.” But I watched, so that counts).
IMG_0223 IMG_0227We celebrate our second Florida Easter and I take up maternity modeling. As you can see, I was quite good.
IMG_0287 IMG_03012012 must have been the year of island birthdays and in April we went BACK up to the island to celebrate hubs’ birthday with his family.
scn_0001We had our 4D scan of our precious noodle and I got crazy excited to kiss those chubby cheeks.
img_0262At 28 weeks pregnant hubs and I went and spent a weekend alone on the island as a last hurrah baby moon.
dsc02080 dsc02108I flew to New England to surprise my older sister at her wedding shower (which was also a surprise, so it was really a double surprise). That weekend was also mother’s day, which gave me the chance to celebrate with my mom.
www.christinabernales.com | www.facebook.com/christinabernalesphotography www.christinabernales.com | www.facebook.com/christinabernalesphotographyWe traveled up to gorgeous VT to celebrate with my sister and her husband at their amazing wedding. I BARELY squeezed into my bridesmaid’s dress.
dsc02200My sister and her new hubs made a quick surprise visit with me and hubs in FL on the way back from their honeymoon.
buckle-becker-portraits7_4Hubs and I celebrated our anniversary. Still so crazy in love and now a baby on the way!
581184_401981773170290_193175819_n img_0183
Hubs and I finally get to spend time with the cutest little man on the planet, Brett’s godson from Haiti, and his amazing parents.
img_0402 img_0404Two of my favorite girls on the planet threw me the most amazing baby shower with the theme “Cute as a Button.”
img_02972I reach full term in my pregnancy and I was more than ready for that baby to make her appearance.
One week before noodle was due hubs took some beautiful maternity shots of me and the belly. My inner elite modeling skills made their appearance once again.
christina-maternity-901 christina-maternity-91I know, I know, the poses I come up with are just inspiring.
img_0058 img_0084FINALLY, a week over due and 19 hours of labor later, Leah Grace Becker made her appearance in the world. We were so in love.
I quickly adjust to motherhood. We have family galore visit. Life at this point is a blur.
img_0272 img_0202 img_0194October
I decided to start my Jillian Challenge, rotating through her DVD workouts 5 days a week. Jillian kicked my butt for 2 months, but it was worth it, helping me finally feel like I was getting back in pre-baby shape.
img_0765My parents decided that they missed Leah so much they needed to come back down for another visit (understandable). I was so happy they were there because my mom was able to come with me to Leah’s 2 month appointment and support me through her horrible shots!
picstitch11Brett’s family (including his brother and his wife) came down to the island to visit/meet Leah. Leah had her first “swim” and just LOVED the ocean. Just look at that big smile. Ha.
picstitch6My older sister came down to FL to visit/meet Leah. It was a blast having her around for the week and to say she was excited to meet Leah would be an understatement.
Leah celebrated her first Halloween. We didn’t dress her up or take her trick or treating, but she sure did look adorable in her little Halloween outfit.
img_0927 img_0964 IMG_1058 IMG_1149
We traveled to PA where we had a jammed pack visit, meeting Aunt Caitlin for the first time, celebrating Thanksgiving, picking out Leah’s first real Christmas tree, and celebrating my dad’s birthday.
Hubs and I traveled to NY to see Brett’s family for Christmas. There, I got to hang out with my old roommate and good friend Stephanie and see her little Niko again! (I haven’t seen him since he was 2 months old at my wedding!) I still need to blog about this..
IMG_1467 IMG_1496 IMG_1626Had a blast hanging out with Brett’s family for over a week and, while there, we made a short over night road trip to see my family in PA so my baby sister Sarah (who is in the Air Force) could meet Leah before she heads up to Alaska! (still need to blog about this too….)

And there we have it. Our 2012 year in review. It was quite the eventful one, if I do say so myself. 2013 brings some new adventures, including (hopefully) finally buying a house, going back to work, and continuing to be amazed with how fast Leah is growing. Here’s to another great year!


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