ImageSo, I made it through my first week at work. Parts of the week were tougher than I thought they would be, but some parts were easier. Poor Leah is struggling with taking her morning nap at daycare (this babe is a little OCD when it comes to how she sleeps so this whole, new place, new crib deal is going to take some adjustments) which means that when I pick her up at 1 pm she is beyond tired. This usually leads to total meltdowns and 4 hour afternoon naps. Sigh. But we will keep working on it and she’s bound to learn soon. These past 5 days have taught me that……
1. Going back to work is a LOT easier when you love your job and those you work with. Just look at that beautiful “Welcome Back” sign 2 of my coworkers (and good friends) made me! On the same thought….
2. Child Life Specialists can make art out of anything you can find in the playroom. And I mean anything. It’s probably one of our most impressive skills. 
3. I greatly underestimated just how excited I would be reuniting with our pet therapy dog. 
4. I have to physically stop myself from racing to the daycare when I get out of work. Probs not the safest thing, but I seriously cannot get there fast enough.
5. Unsolicited advice on how to better feed your baby is annoying no matter who it comes from. 
6. Pumping at work is awkward. Add in answering a phone call while pumping and you’ve just raised the awkwardness to a whole new level. “Oh sure…I’ll be right there, just as soon as I…umm…finish up here.” 
7. I have a whole new love for cuddling my sleeping baby. Yes, she might be a full on exhausted crazy pants when I pick her up, but when she falls peacefully asleep on my chest, it’s all worth it. 
One week down and I know it will (hopefully) only get easier from here on out. 
Happy Friday!

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