Just a little update….

735107_10100676936241247_851369682_nIn case you were wondering, we are alive and well over here. I know it’s been a little while since I last posted. Since I’ve started working I feel like the days are flying by, leaving me with little time to do little things like update this blog. Friday afternoon I did make time to meet a friend and her adorable baby girl at the park for an hour or so, which was a great end to the week. Other craziness happening here at the Becker house:
~Hubs and I are currently in the process of closing on a house!! I haven’t talked about it much on the blog because I felt like I didn’t want to “jinx” the process, but thankfully things are moving smoothly (for the most part) and it looks like we are on track for signing all the paperwork and officially owning a house by the end of next week! Craziness…. I can’t wait to post some “before” pictures of the house since, although I am psyched to move in, it definitely needs a lot of work and updating. It will be a project over the next few years!
~The babe is continuing to adjust to mornings in daycare. Friday I wanted to do a celebratory dance when I came to pick her up and the teacher told me that Leah had taken an hour and a half nap! Go girl! She is a different baby in the afternoons when she gets a good morning nap in so I’m hoping this means she is getting used to her new schedule.
~Yesterday marked the start of a CrossFit 8 week challenge I am doing at a local CrossFit gym! I’ve been wanting to join a CrossFit gym since my father-in law brought me to 2 CrossFit workouts at his gym in NY when we visited for Christmas. Although I couldn’t move my arms for about a week after that first workout, I loved it and am excited to continue at a gym down here!
And that’s about all the news here for now!

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