Baby Colds…and a million and 2 photos

IMG_1744 IMG_1749 IMG_1755 IMG_1760 IMG_1762 IMG_1765 IMG_1771 IMG_1780 IMG_1783 IMG_1789We’ve got the colds around here, some worse than others. (That “the” before colds is for my friend Katie, who laughs at the way I tend to put “the” before random words, you know, like “The Targets.”) But I digress. Baby colds are the worst! Seeing her sneeze and choke on her nasty mucous breaks this momma’s heart. And then, when I use the baby nose bulb to suck out some boogers she screams and looks at me like, “Why are you torturing me so?!” and I want to cry. Except I don’t, because I’m too distracted with the odd satisfaction that comes from getting a nice, big chunk of gunk out of my kid’s nose. This morning Leah woke up with a low grade fever, so we decided to stay home. Although after 3 hours of on and off screaming I started wondering if maybe daycare would want her after all. Kidding, she just needs some mommy snuggles. Yesterday, colds and all, LeLe looked so darn cute that I had to do an impromptu photo shoot on mommy and daddy’s unmade bed. Just ignore the mess and focus on her adorbs face. Although I will admit to photoshooting out the layers of dried gunk and nastiness under her nose because no one wants to see that business.  So, although I’m enjoying the extra time with my sweet baby girl, I sure hope this cold doesn’t last long because momma needs some sleep.

6 thoughts on “Baby Colds…and a million and 2 photos

  1. Danielle says:

    love love love these photos! SO stinkin cute! She’s absolutely beautiful. I love seeing her growth in these pictures and thinking how Lily isn’t too far behind her

    • Christina Lynne says:

      Thanks!! And seriously, your adorable Lilly will be this big in a blink of an eye!! Enjoy that tiny, sweet smelling newborn phase while it lasts! (Although, I will admit, the big chubby growing a personality phase is pretty darn fun as well…) 🙂

      • Danielle says:

        hehe yeah! I am definitely looking forward to her personality emerging -and hopefully a little more sleep too ;). But yes, trying to soak in these sweet newborn moments!

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