Just some weekend happenings.

ImageThere’s been some baby mohawk making around here these days. Miss bald baby is finally spouting some fluffy blonde hairs, perfect for spiking up high when she gets out of the tub. She thinks she looks pretty hip.
ImageIn other news, hubs and I spent some time at an outdoor Garlic Fest this weekend. While everyone up north is currently buried under 3 or more feet of snow, down here in South Florida it’s hot and sunny as usual. Although, I did hear that next weekend we may possibly get a cold front resulting in Saturday’s temps not getting out of the 50’s. The 50’s!! We might actually have to wear sweatshirts!! Now that’s just crazy talk. But back to Garlic Fest. Garlic fries, garlic paninis, garlic ice cream (seriously, although I didn’t have the guts to try it…) what’s not to love? It’s safe to say our breath smelled delicious all day. And Leah briefly enjoyed hanging out with her main man Bradley. She tried to whack him in the head multiple times with mommy’s water bottle top, which we all know means “I love you” in baby language.
photoWalking around, Leah made sure to pass her smile around to everyone who looked at her. I swear this kid tried to make eye contact at anyone and everyone passing by, just so she could gift them with her dazzling grin. Such a sweetheart.

Tomorrow I’ll be ringing in my 27th year with work in the morning followed by an afternoon spent with baby girl and dinner with hub’s family at the Cheesecake Factory. Since I will be most definitely enjoying cheesecake tomorrow on my actual birthday, hubs made me a delicious ice cream cake tonight as an early celebration.
IMG_1861 IMG_1864 IMG_1867 IMG_1872Hope your weekend was great!

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