ImageLast night, after months of house hunting and paperwork, hubs and I finally signed a million and five documents resulting in us now owing the bank a boat load of money, but also in us finally having a HOME. Sitting in an office and signing paperwork wasn’t the most romantic Valentine’s Day date we’ve ever had (although, check out those sweet fancy chocolates the title agency gave us in celebration!) but, in a sweet way, closing on Valentine’s Day will ensure that we will never forget the day we officially bought our first home.

It’s been a long road to home ownership for us. We began casually looking at homes while I was still pregnant, and started seriously looking soon after Leah was born, once hubs diligently went through our finances, seeing what we could afford, and we were pre-approved for a loan. Although we had a very do-able budget for our area, I think the beginning of our house hunt was extremely eye opening for me. I had visions of this perfect first home; a house with tons of historical character, beautiful wood floors, a bright airy kitchen and just a general sense of “homeyness” that I would get right when I walked in the front door. Until I quickly realized that my dreams were not the South Florida real estate reality.

About a month into our serious house hunt hubs and I found a home we both fell in love with. It was a foreclosure, in a pricey “dream neighborhood” we wouldn’t normally be able to afford. The house was perfect. It had the beautiful, 1930’s historic charm I was looking for (huge, heavy glass plate french doors to die for) and was bright, airy, and (the kicker) minutes from the beach. It was pretty much love at first sight. We put in an offer, but quickly found out that another offer was accepted. I was devastated and, after that, I couldn’t look at other homes with an open mind, I just kept telling Brett, “But it’s not THE house….” However, losing out on the house turned out to be a God-send when we later found out that the house was being put  back on the market, due to extreme mold and termite damage.

A few months later we found “the one;” a big, spacious home for our family to grow into (hear that, hubs? That means we’ll need more babies). The house had everything we wanted: numerous bedrooms, a large backyard, a great school system….etc. The only issue? Well, let’s just say the house was last decorated in 1962. But, you know what? We like a project. And I am so excited to roll up my sleeves and start making that house our home. First up, a total kitchen re haul right after we move in.

So, after weeks and weeks and weeks of waiting on paperwork to be finished, and extreme frustration (and eventual move from) a loan company I will not name, but will say rhymes with Bells Largo 😉 we finally own a house!!!!

Now the fun begins…and we will be packing up and moving this coming week.. Stay tuned for many MANY before and after pictures.

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Mom says:

    Congratulations!!! We are SO excited for you, and we can’t wait to see it and help you with the renovations.
    There is something very special about owning your first home. Just wait until you wake up and greet the morning after your very first night sleeping in it, it is such a wonderful feeling! Those chocolates look delicious too!

  2. DAD says:

    I am very proud of you Christina! You and Brett handled the entire process like seasoned pros. I know that you will make this a beautiful home for Brett, Leah and you.
    Love, Dad

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