6 months


Leah holding up 6 fingers for being 6 months old!

Leah holding up 6 fingers for being 6 months old!

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Best photo of the bunch

Best photo of the bunch

Dear Leah Grace,
You are 6 months old, how did half of a year pass by so quickly?! You are getting so big and more and more beautiful every day. Sometimes, when I look at you, my heart skips a beat because I still cannot believe that you are mine and that your daddy and I get to keep you and your delicious chubby thighs forever (although your thighs most likely won’t be this chubby forever….) You are changing everyday and I love seeing your personality continue to emerge. You are such a funny kid! (And the crazy thing is, you know it too). You love seeing me and daddy laugh. When you do, you light up with a huge grin and  you start laughing too like you want to get in on the joke. Last night we took you to your first wedding and you did fabulous! Mommy took you to the spa with the girls in the afternoon and you were passed around while we all took turns getting our nails done. You smiled and happily went to everyone, waving hi constantly. Waving hello is your newest trick and you like to show it off at any chance you get. At the wedding everyone commented on what a cute, happy and easy baby you were and it is so true. I joke that you are a very “portable baby” because we can take you anywhere and you rarely fuss or complain!

We have been trying to introduce different foods, but you aren’t that into anything yet. You think you’ll stick with nursing for now. Daddy and I crack up when we give you a new food to try because the drama that follows is hilarious. If we can even get you to take a lick or a taste, you will make a face, shake your head back and forth and do a bunch of fake coughs like you are saying, “This single lick of green beans is literally choking me!” Oh drama baby. So for now, we will stick with exclusively nursing, but will continue to attempt to get you to try new things. We’ll see how this next month fairs…

The big event of this month was moving into our new home!! You now officially sleep in your crib in your own room at night! In our rental house you still slept upstairs with mommy and daddy because we didn’t like that your room was on a different floor of the house. But now, with your room right next door if you need us, you’re on your own kid and you seem to like it! You are sleeping so well at night, usually from 8:30-6 or 7 and then sometimes, on the weekends, you will go back to sleep after nursing for a few more hours! You are rolling over and sitting up like a champ. I like the fact that I can sit you on the floor to play, without having to worry about you falling over, and I know that it will only be a matter of time before you start crawling or figuring out a way to scootch across the floor!

We love you more and more everyday, our little LeLe. It’s crazy because every month I want to freeze time to keep you exactly how you are now, but then every month you continue to change  and I find myself thinking, once again, “Ok now is my favorite stage ever!” I guess that just means you continue to get cuter with time. Happy Half Birthday, our beautiful, funny, drama babe.

Mommy and Daddy


2 thoughts on “6 months

  1. Jenn says:

    Love her photos! I know how you feel…doesn’t seem like the months have gone by so fast! Sometimes I want to go back and relive the moments again. Happy 6 Months, Leah and Family!

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