Beach Day


What is this crazy stuff?!

What is this crazy stuff?!

photo photo3

Happy Girl

Happy Girl


Trying some frozen yogurt...

Trying some frozen yogurt…




Image8 Image10 photo6I’ve been a little MIA from the blogging world lately, due to the craziness that comes from buying a new house (and by “new” I totally mean, a “new to us, but actually built in 1962” house) and starting a bunch a remodeling projects right away, while simultaneously trying to unpack, work, and take care of a 6 month old.  So let’s just say we’ve been a bit busy over here. But I am excited to post some home pictures and blog about some DIY projects hubs and I are taking on soon!
Until then…My sister Lauren is visiting from Vermont for the week. And when I say she’s visiting “us,” we all know that I really mean she’s actually here to visit with her favorite niece, Leah Grace. Of course she came down here hoping for some beautiful, sunny, hot Florida weather, but instead she seems to be getting a dose of our rare cloudy, cool Florida winter weather. We decided to still make the best of her visit and head to the beach today to walk the boardwalk, grab lunch, and introduce Leah to the crazy stuff called sand.
So far Leah is not a fan of ANY food I give her whether it be rice, oatmeal, fruits, name it, we’ve tried it and she hates it. The kid basically wants to nurse and nurse only. She knows where to get the good stuff. So while Lauren and I enjoyed some fro-yo on the beach, I decided to to give her a lick to see what she thought, and low and behold the crazy kid loved it. I guess she’s due to inherit her mother’s obsession with ice cream after all!


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