I Remember

IMG_0544 IMG_0546 IMG_0625 IMG_0662 IMG_0670As I was looking through my photo albums the other day, looking for some pictures of Leah to print out and display in our new home, I came across these adorable shots hubs and I took of Leah when she was just over 1 month old. And to this day, that picture of her little stink eye smile, the very first smile we ever caught on camera, is one of my all time favorite photos of our little nubblin. I remember that day like it was yesterday. We had just come back from Leah’s first church service and we thought it would be fun to have a little baby photo shoot. I remember the small, yet dense, weight of her in my arms. I remember her gorgeous (ha!) baby acne that was spreading across her cheeks. I remember her dark, dark brown wisps of hair and her deep blue eyes. I remember thinking that her tiny little belly was “pudgy.” I remember trying to get her to curl up in the “newborn position” that’s so popular with newborn photography, but failing miserably because, since birth, our long limbed baby loved to stretch out. I remember trying to get some cute nudie shots and having her pee all over our bed the moment her diaper came off. I remember. At that moment I felt like she was already getting so big, that she was slowly changing from a newborn into a baby in front of our very eyes. Yet now, looking back, I think how tiny she still was, how she was still so fresh and new. I definitely miss those early days, and yet, looking at my big girl, sitting next to me smiling and babbling her normal “dadada!” talk I can’t help but feel the excitement swell for what lies ahead for her. For us.

One thought on “I Remember

  1. Julia says:

    Reading this made me go back and look at Madelyn’s earliest photos and videos. I can’t believe they are getting so big so fast!!

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