Kitchen Update

Oh man, this kitchen project has been a huge one. And we still aren’t done….we’re getting closer, but there’s still a lot more work ahead. When we moved in there were 2 huge projects I wanted to tackle right away, the kitchen and the floors. The kitchen was a lovely avocado and yellow monstrosity from the 1960’s, complete with a vintage stove top and oven that didn’t even work. The floors are a lovely poured terrazzo which, although we keep hearing can look gorgeous when re-finished, are an ugly orange and brown 1960’s inspired speckled mess that we have no intention of keeping. Weighing our priorities we decided that new carpet in the bedroom and getting a working and updated kitchen needed to happen first, so for now the terrazzo floors in the family/dining room and den will have to stay. The bedroom carpet we had professionally installed, but the kitchen we wanted to do ourselves (or as much ourselves as possible) in order to save some big bucks. To give you an idea of just how horrible our kitchen was, (and I promise, these pictures don’t even do it justice) here are a few before pics (I apologize for the crappy Iphone quality and the fact that there is stuff everywhere. My excuse is we were still in the process of moving in when I took these photos!!)
image image2 photo1The kitchen is a good size, but was closed off from the rest of the house in it’s own room, which is odd since the family room and dining room has a very open concept. We decided to create a half wall into the dining room to create more of an open concept, without losing much needed wall space in the kitchen. Luckily for us, my parents are EXTREMELY handy and have had their fair share of remodeling and house flipping projects so they came down for 8 days to help with the construction. Hubs and his dad ripped out the cabinets, stove and oven before my parents arrived so they were basically starting with blank walls. We thought it would be an “easy” project until my dad arrived and decided to totally gut the kitchen; walls, ceiling and floor.
IMG_1249 IMG_1251

We set up a temporary "kitchen" in our back den!

We set up a temporary “kitchen” in our back den

photo photo2
My parent’s worked like crazy (we really know how to treat guests when they come and visit, let me tell you) and I am shocked at how much we got done in only 8 days. My dad gutted the entire kitchen, hung new drywall, knocked down the half wall, redid our electric, put in recessed lighting, painted and hung the cabinets all in 8 days. (With the help of hubs when he wasn’t working). Phew!!! My mom was the babysitter for Leah while I was working and then she and I laid the tile floor on my day off. Here is what it’s looking like today:
IMG_1295 IMG_1296 IMG_1298 IMG_1299 IMG_1300I am LOVING it so far!! It’s so bright and open and I cannot wait until it’s functional. We still have a lot to do; get an oven/stove, (so yes, we are still living gourmet over here with our microwave, electric wok and panini maker…) install the countertops, get hardware for the cabinets, put a countertop on our half wall, put up the trim, and (down the road) replace the old fridge and dishwasher with new stainless steel appliances, but we are finally getting close to having our brand new kitchen! Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I’ll be posting pictures of the finished project!

One thought on “Kitchen Update

  1. Julia says:

    This is so great, your kitchen looks amazing! We thought about buying a fixer-upper but chickened out when there were more problems than we wanted to tackle. Your parents are quite skilled!

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