Island Love

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Leah met her great-great aunt and uncle!

Leah met her great-great aunt and uncle!

IMG_0225 IMG_0224photo photo1photo1It’s hard to put into words how much we love this island. A little background on this magical place, I actually grew up vacationing here. My great aunt and uncle own a condo on the beach (about a mile down the road from hub’s parent’s condo!) and my grandparents used to come down from NY and rent a beach condo some winters. I have so many memories of spending spring break on this island, boogie boarding in the waves and lounging by the pool. So for me…this is home. Now, with hub’s family generously allowing us to claim their condo as our own as much as we possibly can, my heart is full knowing that Leah will grow up with the same memories.  I am so excited for the sandcastles she will build, the shells she will collect, watching Brett teach her to swim in the pool, watching her play in the ocean waves, biking down to the park to look for manatees, eating blueberry pancakes at our favorite breakfast place….the list goes on and on. Every once in awhile, during a particularly beautiful ocean sunrise, hubs and I will day dream of moving and living full time on the island. We brainstorm about what jobs we could work and how awesome it would be for Leah to grow up on this quite stretch of sand. But the joy of having this not-to-far weekend escape will mean that the island will never lose it’s charm or its magical, “We have arrived, now feel all the stress leave our body” quality. Because everyone needs an escape from their day-to-day craziness, and for us, the island will always be “our spot.”

We lived it up on the island last weekend. I was so excited to get Leah in the pool, since the last time we were here she was such a little nugget and too young to enjoy the beach and pool. The ocean was pretty darn chilly, but Leah didn’t protest to getting her toes wet. Instead, she gazed at the water and intently watched as her toes started to sink into the chilly, wet sand. The pool, on the other hand, was a lovely bath water temperature, perfect for a baby’s first swim. I love how babies possess the natural inclination to kick in the water and Leah quite enjoyed floating and kicking her way around the pool with mommy. All in all…a perfect welcome back to our happy spot weekend on the island. We plan on heading back up at the end of this month for Brett’s birthday and I’m already itching to get back to waking up to the sound of waves crashing along the shore and the smell of a sunscreened up baby. Here’s to many…many more weekend island memories with my little family of 3.

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