In Bloom


I wish these pics weren’t blurry, but her smile was too cute not to share.


Just rocking her ice cream jammies and mini pony tale

photo1IMG_0019 IMG_0021 IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0027Spring has most definitely made its way to South Florida. Although our spring may look a bit different than it does up north, spring still instills the same mentality of renewal and life. No, we don’t have layers of ice and snow that are beginning to melt, and yes our idea of a “seasonal temperature change” may mean the early mornings bring 70 degree temps instead of 60 degrees, but all around us flowers are beginning to bloom and the air is beginning to get warmer, bringing the sweet smell of spring in the breeze. I would say we are also getting hit with the “spring cleaning” bug in this house, but let’s be honest, we’ve been cleaning like crazy since we moved into this house so the new season isn’t really bringing much change on that end. Although hubs is starting to feel an extra push to finish our yard projects, before the dreaded Florida summer arrives with it’s 80 degree heat and 100% humidity. Gotta love it. When we first moved in and saw the overwhelming amount of landscaping in both the front and back yard (let’s just say the previous owner was a bit obsessive with his planting) we decided that the majority of the “jungle” must go. However, lately, more and more beautiful flowers seem to be springing up in the yard, making us second guess our “just rip it all out!!” mentality. Scaling back will still need to happen (I’m not exaggerating when I say the current landscaping is so overgrown you are not able to see the house from the street) but we definitely will be keeping as many gorgeous floral plants as possible. Because I’m digging the caribbean resort feeling they give me every time I come home and see their bright colors. So, a new season is upon us and I’m loving it. Leah and I are embracing spring with as many afternoon walks to the park as possible because our sweet girl loves feeling the breeze blow through her wispy hair as she swings and mommy loves hearing her delighted belly laughs.

Happy Spring!

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