photo photo1One of my favorite blogs, Love Matt and Kara, does a “Currently” post weekly and I always love reading hers, so I thought it would be fun to start my own! So here it goes:

Loving: Florida in the spring time. Yes, the Florida summer heat is starting to sneak in on some days, but for the most part it’s been gorgeous. Warm, sweet air, flowers blooming, fun walks to the playground to swing…I’m loving it all. I’m also loving Lele’s funny girl personality that’s been emerging these past few weeks. One things for sure…we have an extrovert on our hands which is so unlike her mommy it’s humorous.
Reading: For the first time in I don’t know how long I’m not reading anything!! I recently finished reading Graceling by Kristen Cashore on my Kindle, which was really good! Now I’m in the process of looking for a good book to start.
Watching: Hubs and I finally jumped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon. We aren’t that far into the series, just 5 episodes or so into Season 1, but we are loving it so far! We are all about watching entire seasons or series of shows on Netflix and/or Hulu Plus and I get upset when we finally catch up. That’s what happened with two of our other favorites, Touch and Revenge, and now we’re left waiting for an episode a week like everyone else. 😦
Listening to: The Wiggles and anything from my “Sesame Street Radio” station on my Pandora. I’m such a mom and I absolutely love it. Besides when “Fruit Salad (yummy yummy!)” gets stuck in my head for 3 hours straight.
Thinking about: What I want for Leah when she grows up. On the way to church this morning Brett and I were talking about our hopes for Leah as she gets older. She is such a sweet, funny and outgoing baby and, if she is anything like this when she’s 10, I know she will be surrounded by friends and will be goofing around, vying to be the center of attention. I just pray that we raise her right; that she’s never a bully or a mean girl, that she surrounds herself with Christian friends who serve as a good influence (and who she serves as a good influence to as well!) and that she is smart, driven and caring. It’s a tall order, but I hope (with the help of God) we are able to raise her to be smart, kind, and beautiful both inside and out.
Looking forward to: Flying up to Vermont next month with Leah to visit two of my sisters!! (And my older sister’s husband too of course!) I’m a little nervous about flying alone with Leah (oh boy…) but I am so excited and ready for a good girls weekend with my sisters. 🙂
Making me happy: My sweet little family and our current kitchen remodeling project finally coming together!! We got our stove/oven last weekend and bought some hardware for the cabinets and drawers this weekend and are in the process of putting all the handles/knobs on. My dream kitchen is finally starting to come together!

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