8 Months


"Fancy meeting you here, baby.."

“Fancy meeting you here, baby..”


How big is Leah? Sooo big!!

How big is Leah? Sooo big!!

IMG_0034 IMG_0041

And she's done.

And she’s done.

Dear Leah Grace,

8 months….I can barely believe it! You are definitely turning into a big girl..you are officially no longer momma’s little baby. Just taking this months pictures was a project and SO much different than last month! You are a girl on the move and you have little time for sitting and posing for pictures. Mommy did her best to distract you with your favorite toys, but you thought you would attempt to launch yourself off the rocking chair, rather than sit nicely and pose for pictures. Who has time for that?

There have been some crazy changes this month! Just a few weeks ago you were still figuring out this whole scootching business, but you have since mastered the art of the army crawl. And man are you fast. The other day I left you playing in your room and walked into the kitchen to quickly grab something. Little did I know, you were right behind me and when I turned back, there you were. You had scootched out of your room, down the hall, around the kitchen table and you were quickly making your way into the kitchen. You are a speedy one, and you don’t like to be left behind!

I love watching you learn. Your brain is like a little sponge and you are soaking up everything you see. I see you watching daddy whistle and you try so hard to mimic him and make the same noise. You wrinkle your little lips and blow and blow and it melts my heart. You might not have that trick down yet, but you have mastered many others. You love blowing kisses, waving bye-bye and throwing your hands over your head every time mommy asks, “How big is Leah?” You also know what I mean when I say, “Leah, give mommy a smooch” and you will lovingly turn your face towards me with your mouth wide open, waiting for a big kiss on your smushy lips.

“Dada” is still your favorite word to say, but this month you finally did say “mama!” You know what mama means and you use it to get what you want (and it works!) Although you say “dada” all the time, you reserve pulling out the “mama” until you are upset and need me to come rescue you. Then, you will look at me with your sweet, round eyes and say, “mamama!” You know I can’t resist that. But it’s okay…I’ll always be here, ready to rescue you from whatever may be.

You LOVE to eat and your favorite is whatever mommy and daddy are currently enjoying. Although you will eat your entire oatmeal and veggie dinner (with a baby biscuit for dessert!) you will still want whatever we are eating for dinner. Mashed potatoes, tomato soup, pasta sauce, rice, pizza….whatever it is, as long as mommy and daddy are enjoying it, you will too. You don’t want to miss out on anything good!

Leah, mommy and daddy are so proud of you already. Is it crazy to be proud of an 8 month old’s accomplishments? I’m not sure, but I am sure that we will be feeling this sense of pride towards you a lot in the coming years. You are smart and kind and we couldn’t love you more, our beautiful girl.

Mommy and Daddy


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