Yet another island birthday


Homemade birthday cinnamon rolls


Birthday boy and babe.

photo8Image photo7 photo6 photo5 photo4 photo3IMG_0047 IMG_0046 IMG_0042IMG_0064 IMG_0062 IMG_0055 IMG_0054IMG_0058I am so behind with my blogging and I’ve been wanting to share pics from our island birthday weekend where we celebrated hub’s 26th birthday! I could never say enough about this amazing man I married. And watching him as a father these past 8 months? Well, it’s just made me fall even more in love with him and develop a greater appreciation for his devotion to his family. I don’t know what we would ever do without him!

We had a wonderful weekend up on “our island.” We started Brett’s birthday celebration the night before his actual birthday (which was on Saturday) with ice cream cake. When we got to the island on Friday night I ran to the grocery store to get a few provisions for the weekend, which included an ice cream cake for hub’s bday the next day. Except that evening, after dinner, Brett decided that we might as well start the celebration off early with some ice cream cake since “otherwise we wouldn’t have any dessert..” Such a smartie, that one. Saturday morning dawned nice and early for me (sadly, Leah does not seem to grasp the concept of a weekend and was up at 6:30 am happy and ready to start the day). I quietly snuck out of the room to get started on Brett’s bday breakfast meal of choice, homemade cinnamon rolls, figuring I would give the birthday boy the gift of sleeping in on a Saturday. Unfortunately he was up not even 30 minutes after I left. Oh the joys of parenthood! Our 1 year ago selves wouldn’t even recognize these people, up at 7 am on a Saturday!!

The rest of the weekend was filled with the joys of the island; lounging by the pool, visiting the farmer’s market, going for family walks, swimming with the babe….perfection. The condo’s hot tub was off all weekend, resulting in a nice, perfectly temperatured baby pool for Leah and daddy to swim in. This little Florida babe is a beach bum in the making. She can not get enough of the sand, the water, and being outside. She would have swam for hours if it wasn’t for silly mommy forgetting her sunhat at home. Even though I slathered her head with sunscreen I was still afraid to leave her outside in the pool for too long!

Overall, a perfect celebration of me and Leah’s favorite man. Happy (late) birthday Brett!! Your girls love you so much!

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