Leah and I had a BLAST visiting my family in Vermont. It started as just a planned girls weekend, but quickly grew from there. Brett had planned a trip to Haiti last weekend to visit his godson and family (more on that trip later) so I thought, “Well, hey, maybe Leah and I will fly up to VT to visit my two sisters!” Once my parents heard we would be up there, they too decided to make the trip up. That led to my grandpa deciding he too would come up to VT (he hadn’t yet met Leah!) and before I knew it, a whole mini family reunion was planned for our little VT weekend get-a-way.

Flying alone with Leah was TOUGH (not because she cried, more because she wanted to climb all over our seat neighbors and stand on my lap and shake the seat in front of us the entire time…) We lucked out and had an empty middle seat on the way there for her to sit in and climb around, but the way home, sitting next to an entirely too grumpy business man, I was sweating trying to keep her in my seat and trying to keep her from poking mr. grumpy next to us!!

We fit a lot into our short 4 day weekend! My sister and her husband live in the cutest little house in Ludlow, VT and their gorgeous, picturesque town made me miss the northeast in a bad way! (Although ask me again in the winter and I will tell you that I am loving south FL just fine, thank you very much). The weather was perfect, the flowers were blooming, the views we saw on multiple hikes were amazing, and the food?? Oh man, can I just say that I ate wayyy too much cheese over the weekend and it was AH-MAZING. And miss Leah got to be the center of attention the entire weekend, so of course she had a grand ol’ time. Between being passed from person to person and crawling around the floor with 3 dogs, the kid was in heaven. Since we did so much (and I have so many pictures to share!) I will split our trip up into a few posts. First up are pics from the trip up and seeing family the first day.

Big girl sitting in her own seat on the flight to VT

Big girl sitting in her own seat on the flight to VT


The view from my sister and her husband’s house.


Sleepy babe fell asleep in grandma’s arms multiple times over the weekend!

IMG_3512 IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3526 IMG_3530 IMG_3535 IMG_3539 IMG_3587I’ll be back with pictures from our trip to Woodstock, VT (cutest town ever!) and our family hike. For now I have a poor, sick husband (he must have caught a nasty bug in Haiti or the flight back!) and sleepy babe to care for.

One thought on “Vermont

  1. Mom says:

    Oh how I miss that sweet face, and how I enjoyed her falling asleep in my arms! We had such a wonderful weekend with all of you and hope we can do it again sometime very soon! We love you so much!

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