Vermont part 2

Growing up, even though we lived in New England, I only remember traveling up to VT a handful of times. So having family who lives in such a gorgeous state will be a great excuse to get up there as much as we can! I LOVE where my sister and her husband live. The gorgeous mountains, the ski lodges, the amazing cheese.. (yes, cheese. There is a cheese shop near them with all the homemade cheese samples you could ever want. Such an amazing place!) Vermont seems to have everything you could ever want in a home state! Minus the fact that their winters are long and snowy and cold. Which is why Leah and I decided to travel up for a visit in May, when the weather was picture perfect!

During our too short trip, Lauren brought us to this fabulous little town called Woodstock, VT. This town was much like the village where she got married; little, quaint, and picture perfect. The town seriously looks like a movie set and we had a blast walking around the little village, exploring the little shops and eating delicious homemade ice cream. We brought the stroller for Leah, but she barely used it. Instead, she was passed from person to person as we walked through town.
IMG_3546 IMG_3547 IMG_3550 IMG_3552 IMG_3556 IMG_3557 IMG_3560 IMG_3562 IMG_3563 IMG_3564 IMG_3567 IMG_3570 IMG_3571 IMG_3572 IMG_3573 IMG_3574 IMG_3548On our last day in Vermont we decided to go on a family hike. Vermont provides a LARGE variety of hiking trails just minutes from my sister and her husband’s house so we chose one we believed wouldn’t be too difficult (since I would be wearing Leah). The hike ended up being a bit steeper than we anticipated (3 miles up a mountain has never felt so long!!) but it sure was beautiful. Leah snoozed most of the way up, but then decided she had had enough and ended up screaming her head off for about 2 miles down the mountain. I ended up stopping in the middle of the path to nurse her (thankfully no one hiked by!), which calmed her a bit until I stuck her back into the wrap. Luckily she zonked out about a mile from the base of the trail and, since we finished the hike with a trip to a sandwich shop and homemade donuts, she was soon as happy as can be.
IMG_3578 IMG_3581 IMG_3582 IMG_3600 IMG_3603 IMG_3606 IMG_3609 IMG_3611 IMG_3614 IMG_3616 IMG_3618 IMG_3621 IMG_3625All in all, Leah and I had a WONDERFUL visit with my family in Vermont! Sadly, hubs missed out on all the fun, but we definitely plan on a visit in the near future. And next time, Brett can lug Leah’s heavy load up a mountain. 😉

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