Memorial Day Weekend

IMG_3666 IMG_3722Image IMG_3668 IMG_3676 IMG_3686 IMG_3757IMG_3702 IMG_3703 IMG_3705 IMG_3713 IMG_3717We had a blast up at the island for Memorial Day weekend. Hub’s parents and his sister Lauren came down for the weekend so Leah had yet another weekend where she was spoiled and loved on by family. What a lucky kid. We lucked out with amazing weather (we were a little worried since it’s been so rainy here in FL lately!) and it was the PERFECT beach temperature, all 3 days. This little beach bum loves the water. She played in the waves, not even caring when a particularly high one splashed water into her face, and loved crawling around and covering herself with sand. I got a bit nervous at first with all the sand she was getting into her mouth (she wasn’t straight up eating the sand, but she was snacking on Goldfish with those nasty sand hands) but then I decided to just relax and let the kid enjoy her sandy crackers. There are worst things she could be eating! 😉 She also enjoyed her first ever Popsicle on the beach, which received rave reviews. Summer is coming and we are looking forward to spending more and more weekends at our favorite little hide-a-way. Also, as a side note, Leah seems to be slipping into her “teenage summer vacation” mode a bit early since, for the past 2 weekends, I have been the one waking HER up in the mornings, yesterday at 9 am! Keep it up baby, mommy isn’t complaining!

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