image photoLoving: Watching Leah and hubs together. This girl LOVES her daddy and being able to witness their sweet relationship is such a blessing. We have a routine at night where I nurse Leah in her room (she needs to nurse in her room, where it is nice and quiet and no one is around, otherwise she gets WAY too distracted!) and, when she is done, I call Brett in so he can say his good night and put her in her crib. Now, as soon as she finishes nursing, she is smiling and craning her neck to look out her door, just waiting for dada to appear.

Reading: When we were up on the island a few weeks ago I looked around for a good beach read and happened to pick up a copy of a Nora Roberts book, The Key of Knowledge. When I was in college I worked in my town’s public library during summer vacations and I used to love hearing all the old ladies talking about their obsession with the latest Nora Roberts novel, and now that’s me, reading Nora Roberts on the beach. I’ll tell you what though, the woman can write a thrilling tale!

Watching: I am still very much immersed in season 2 of Call the Midwife and I love it! Unfortunately this is my “alone time, watch an episode while Leah naps in the afternoon” show, since hubs is not interested. Brett and I have recently jumped on the Arrested Development bandwagon (what, like 10 years late or something??) and we have been watching episodes back to back on Netflix. Being only 20 minutes long I feel like we fly through quite a few a night! Brett was not convinced when we started (it was my idea to start the marathon) but, now being on season 2, I think he is finally hooked!

Listening to: My Mumford & Sons Pandora station. It always seems to have a very good selection of artists.

Thinking about: Home improvement projects….my job…Brett’s job…the need to start baby proofing the house now that Leah is on the move…the list goes on!

Looking forward to: My sister and her husbands baby which is due in December!!!!! 🙂 I am so excited for them and cannot wait for Leah to have a cousin. I’m also excited that they have now made their pregnancy public knowledge so I can finally start talking about it! 😉

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