10 months!

IMG_0186 IMG_0205 IMG_0208 IMG_0209 IMG_0218Dear Leah Grace,

You hit the double digits today…10 months! Crazy to think that in only 2 short months you will be one year old. You are getting so big! This month has brought a lot of changes for you and I see little snapshots of how you will be as a toddler on a daily basis. (And oh boy are you going to be one feisty and outgoing kid!….)

You crawl like crazy now, but will go back to your army scoot if you feel the need to get somewhere extra speedy (you can scootch across the floor lightning fast!) You pull yourself up on everything and will even walk around the coffee table while holding on. However, you still HATE walking when mommy or daddy stand you up and hold onto your hands! You will amuse us with a few short steps, but will then either lift both legs up into an air sitting position, or cry until we pick you up. You’d rather be carried and that’s okay with me! Mommy is in NO hurry to have you walking.

Although you still have no teeth you are becoming very adventurous with foods . You still love strawberries the most and you will yell and yell if you see someone eating one without sharing. You also LOVE cheesy scrambled eggs and corn. It’s fun coming up with meals for you to try, although you’ll be able to eat so much more once those teeth finally decide to make an appearance! (Although, with nursing still 3-4 times a day mama is not opposed to you being toothless!)

You learn fast and it’s crazy to see your little mind working away. A few weeks ago you started pointing to body parts on mommy’s face while nursing; nose…eyes…mouth..and I would say the names over and over again while you pointed. The nose is definitely your favorite and it only took you a few days to learn the word and now anytime we ask where our nose is you will happily point it out!

This month daddy and I have started seeing you play more independently and with purpose. What are you thinking when you play? We would love to know! You babble away to yourself, pointing and waving at things only you can see and you occasionally break into laughter while “talking” with your baby dolls. I hope this is only the beginning of a beautiful imagination. You also LOVE reading your books and pushing every toy back and forth across the floor like it’s a toy car.

Although you still love everyone, you are definitely beginning to show preference for mommy and daddy and I think you are also starting to realize that you have your daddy wrapped around your little finger. The other day when you were naughty and mommy told you “No!” you threw a little fit, crawled to the door and cried “Dada! Dada!” like you wanted him to come and rescue you. It made mommy laugh. You also will shake your head no to pretty much any question we ask you, but you haven’t seemed to figure out how to nod yes yet.

You are turning into such a beautiful girl, Leah, both inside and out, and we are so excited to continue to watch you learn and grow.

We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

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