A man and his babe.

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A spoon makes a pretty good telephone...

A spoon makes a pretty good telephone…

IMG_0176Last Sunday I walked into the den and there was Leah and daddy, all snuggled in a chair watching Sunday Morning together and my heart melted just a little. I ran and grabbed the camera because I knew I had to catch some sweet shots of these two together. I know I’ve said this a million times, but this girl loves her daddy. They are two peas and a pod and Leah is always up for a little dada time.

When Leah was first born I thought she was my little mini me. With her dark hair and almond eyes she looked just like me and everyone would comment on that fact. But then her dark hair fell out and in it’s place grew this thick, silky beautiful blonde hair, just like daddy’s. And she grew these full lips and long eye lashes, just like daddy. And her eyes lightened to a beautiful blue and she smiled, just like daddy. And she grew to be outgoing and funny and social and stubborn…just like daddy. And I realized the baby girl I thought would be a “mini me” was growing into a mini Brett instead.

This little girl is like her father in so many ways and my heart is glad for it. I love this man more than life itself and now I am blessed with a child that reminds me of him every time she smiles at me and for that I am thankful. One thing’s for sure…she sure couldn’t have picked a more amazing and handsome man to take after!

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