Life around here lately….

IMG_4156 IMG_4152 IMG_41481. Leah has had some fun play dates with our hospital’s therapy dog. One of my best friends/co-workers is “babysitting” this love bug while her normal home handler is out of town so she has been bringing her by the house every afternoon after work. Leah LOVES climbing around this pup, petting her tail and trying to poke her in the eye. Since we don’t have a dog I love that Leah has the chance to play and grow comfortable with animals, especially one who is the calmest and most lovable dog on this planet.
IMG_41262. Leah has been pushing around every toy she owns like a car lately so dada was sweet enough to head over to Wal-Mart on his lunch break the other day and buy this awesome school bus for Miss Leah. She is now having a blast driving it all around the house. Also, her room is a mess. Pretty much all the time.
IMG_42073. We had a family Starbucks outing last Saturday morning and Leah had a blast watching the doggies out the window.
IMG_4210 IMG_42114. We found a cute baby for sale at Home Depot. It was such a good deal we couldn’t pass it up.
IMG_4223 IMG_4224 IMG_4235IMG_42395. The Spanish version of the show “The Voice” (La Voz Kids) came and filmed and performed at the Children’s Hospital I work at. I went in to help out and Leah came to be a member of the audience. They filmed her a LOT so she will most likely make an appearance on the show this Sunday night! (check it out if you get the Telemundo station!)
IMG_4266 IMG_42686. Hubs and I have been working hard at painting the house. Saturday we spent the afternoon painting our front entry, family room and dining room a gorgeous bluish/grey and Leah worked hard supervising our work.
IMG_42837. Little Miss. Thang has been showing off her new skill of standing up in the tub. She is such a little bugger as she stands in the tub with a smile, just waiting for my “No, no Leah!” before she plops herself back on her bum. And then 2 seconds later, up she pops again.
IMG_42878. Leah has turned into a stomach sleeper; arms and legs spread wide.
IMG_42609. This kid continues to get cuter every day.

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