Park Play

IMG_4468 IMG_4470 IMG_4471 IMG_4473 IMG_4475 IMG_4476 IMG_4479 IMG_4482Things I love:
1. Baby girls in bright pink overall shorts.
2. Sweaty baby hair that quickly turns to curls.
3. Rainy mornings that turn into warm and sunny afternoons.
4. Dirty baby knees from crawling all over.
5. Girlfriend reunions at fun new parks.

Back when Leah was still a tiny round chub and I was still on leave from work, we used to attend a “Nurturing your Newborn” class that was held weekly at a nearby church. I LOVED this group and really looked forward to it every week, mainly for the much desired fellowship and community I got to have with other new moms. Here we are were, fresh into this new role called Mothers, showing off our gorgeous and perfect newborns with one another and finding out we weren’t the only ones whose baby cried from 3-4 am every night. When I started to think about going back to work, after 4 months of attending this group, I knew it was going to be one of the things I missed the most about my time home with Leah. Luckily, through the group Leah has met some pretty cute babes and I have met some pretty amazing mothers. Mothers who encourage me and listen to me and teach me, and who I love seeing every chance I get (which, sadly, isn’t often enough!) Luckily, Leah’s first (and best) girlfriend Julia and her mom made some time this afternoon to meet us at a fun new park. Although we had a heck of a time finding the dang place, it was all worth it once we got there and witnessed Leah and Julia’s sheer joy of being reunited. The reunion was followed by much poking each other in the eyes and mouth and pointing out each other’s noses. And quite a few screaming “Hi!!!!!!!”s from Leah. Now that the babes are getting older it’s fun to see them start to “play” with each other; crawling after each other through tunnels and up stairs and down slides. One things for sure, we’re going to make sure these two cute girls stay the best of friends!

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