IMG_0280 IMG_0282 IMG_0283 IMG_4518 IMG_4529IMG_4542 IMG_4543 IMG_4546 IMG_4548 IMG_4555 IMG_4611IMG_4538 IMG_0274 IMG_0259 IMG_4563 IMG_4564 IMG_4566 IMG_4575 IMG_4578 IMG_4599 IMG_4592 IMG_4587 IMG_4583I know I have said this MANY times, but I love my job. I really do. But that doesn’t mean that there are not days (okay, let’s be honest, weeks) when my job is HARD; both emotionally and mentally, and I am overwhelmed with the desire to just quit and walk out of that hospital as quickly as I can. Especially when I think about the cute little girl who would just love to have me home with her all day. Last week was one of those hard, bone tired, “I’m so sick of this” weeks. And Brett, being the amazing and supportive husband that he is, knew just what I needed. We hadn’t been to “our island” lately, and although it’s close, it’s a trip we usually plan at least a few days in advance. But last Friday, as I kissed Brett good-bye before I left for work, he looked at me and said, “Hey, let’s head up to the island this afternoon.” And just hearing that, my shoulders dropped, my breath released, and I found myself quickly agreeing. After work and a quick throw-everything-into-a-duffel pack, we were off, heading up to my favorite place in the world.

The weekend was filled with a lot of “first” for Leah; her first time floating in the pool in a raft, her first pancake breakfast, her first strawberry milkshake, her first time climbing out of the pool by herself (crazy, strong kid!), her first time standing by herself without holding on to anything, her first time saying “high five!” which comes out as “hi-ya!” (and let’s just say the kid uses “giving a high five” as an excuse for “I really just want to hit you.” Not the same thing, Leah!) Obviously Leah knows this is a special place, a place where many “firsts” will be celebrated. Saturday night we tried to have a “first time Leah sleeps with mom and dad” in our big, king size bed, but Leah was having none of that. I thought it would be fun and special to cuddle up together for a big, family sleep, but Leah had other ideas. She just had a blast crawling around the bed and over mom and dad, before I finally gave up and plopped her back into her crib (where she immediately fell right to sleep). Some people can’t get their kids to stop sleeping in their beds, and I can’t even get my kid to do it once!

Sunday morning dawned early with the loudest thunder I have ever heard! It led to a lazy, coffee filled morning relaxing on the couch, watching the storm rage out on the ocean. It was nice. Usually, when we are visiting, I feel like we can’t waste a minute indoors. Instead, every minute must be filled with the beach or the pool, otherwise we would be wasting the sunshine! But the cloudy, rainy weather forced me to relax, sit, and just enjoy the view without feeling the need to be on the go. A few hours later, the skies cleared and we had the perfect weather to take a nice dip in the pool. We’ve had a lot of island weekends, but as we drove across the bridge Sunday night, I turned to Brett and declared this weekend my favorite so far. A big proclamation, I know, but this past weekend really did encompass everything I love most about that island of ours. Not just the beach and the waves and the sun, but the feelings of family togetherness, love, peace and renewal. Any and all stress I felt heading onto the island were gone by the time we left. And when we got home, and a storm had tripped the AC fan and it was 91 degrees in the house (Yes, 91 DEGREES) I still declared it the best weekend ever. That’s the power of the island.

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