11 months

IMG_0294 IMG_0317 IMG_0320 IMG_0325 IMG_0337 IMG_0341 IMG_0342Dear Leah Grace,

Today you are 11 months old. 11 months! That means that there are only 30 short days until you turn 1 year old. 30 days until you go from being my little baby to being my big and happy toddler. I am both dreading your birthday and counting down the days. Although I am so excited to celebrate the absolute joy that you brought us the day you came into our lives, I’m also sad to see you grow so quickly. It’s like I just blinked once and you aged from my skinny, wrinkly newborn into this chubby, happy girl.
You are diving headfirst into your oncoming toddler phase, that’s for sure. I feel like you have learned so much in the past month! You can now say “mama” “dada” “all done” “high five” “bye-bye” “hi” “yeah” and, my favorite, “booby.” (You pull that one out quite loudly when you want to nurse NOW. I might soon regret teaching you that one…)You are a girl on the move! Although you aren’t walking yet, you crawl like crazy, pull yourself up on anything and everything, and will even stand unassisted for a few seconds before falling back onto your bum. You love walking while holding onto our hands (this was a big change from just last month!) or using your walker toy, or while pushing around your high chair and stroller. I’m sure you will be walking on your own in no time!
See that smile up there? You really are always that happy.  You are just such a GOOD baby, and everyone tells us that. Your teachers call you their “star student” because you are just such an easy going gal. Although you prefer mommy and daddy, you will still happily go to pretty much anyone with a smile and a “hi!” You know you’re cute and you think you can get away with pretty much anything (and let’s be honest, you kind of do…) You enjoy shaking your head no to any questions we ask (especially, “Leah, can I have a smooch?” But you will eventually and begrudgingly give me a kiss) and you have started to be a little naughty by hitting when you get mad. But then when we say “Leah, no!” you immediately start to cry and cuddle and then no one can stay mad at you for more than a second.
You are still a stellar sleeper, both at night and during your naps, and you eat pretty much everything. Big news this month; you (finally!) sprouted 2 bottom teeth so you are able to be more adventurous with your eating now. Your current favorites are nectarines, apple slices, goldfish and corn. Your hair is continuing to grow, blonde and wavy, and mommy is enjoying putting pretty clips in your wispy hair.
You are such a joy, our sweet Leah Grace, and, like always, we look forward to seeing what this next month brings!

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy

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