Life according to Instagram for the past 3 weeks or so…mostly pictures of my daughter’s cute face because, really, what else is there to take pictures of??
Interested in seeing a million pictures a week of my kid? Feel free to follow us on Instagram! (user name clbecks)

Random happenings here in the Becker household:
*Life here has been hot. When we moved into our new house, back in February, it was still perfect FL winter temps, just right for open windows to feel a cool ocean breeze, and I don’t think we turned the AC on for months. And then June hit. And it got hot, hot, hot. And although the AC technically “worked” it wasn’t doing an awfully good job at successfully cooling down the entire house. So we got the unit inspected and were told that the AC unit is technically too small for the size of our home so the cooling is never going to be efficient. Oh boy. A totally new system is a lot of $$ so for now we are making do with our half working unit, supplemented with a standing AC unit we bought at the Home Depots. It works for now, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to fall temps.

*Brett and I have been extremely into Friday Night Lights for the past few weeks on Netflix. And I mean, extremely into it. For the past I don’t even know how many weeks, and 5 seasons of Coach Taylor awesomeness, Brett and I have watched an average of 3 episodes a night once Leah went to bed. To say that I’m a bit obsessed with the Taylors would be an understatement. I’m well aware that they are a fake couple, but really! They are amazing!! And when I grow up I want to be just like Tami Taylor. But now we are finished and I’m feeling slightly depressed. If you haven’t watched the show, WATCH IT! Now. It doesn’t matter if you hate football, hate Texas, or hate shows about high schoolers. You will love this show because it’s just wonderful.

*Leah starts at a new school on Monday and I am torn between excitement and sadness. We have LOVED the daycare she has been in for the past 8 months but it is pretty far from where I work (and where we live) and it is extremely expensive. When I went back to work I was so nervous about leaving my perfect baby girl with anyone that I would have paid a million dollars to someone I trusted to watch her (kidding. kind of). So the fact that this daycare wasn’t the most convenient location (or financial) wise it didn’t matter because it was a place I loved and trusted with Leah. But as she gets older, her needs are changing. She no longer has as many infant needs and I’m not as neurotic about leaving her in the care of others. So a few weeks ago Brett and I started looking at new schools in our local area and we found a wonderful Christian school that had a spot in their half day program which is half (!) the cost of what we were previously paying per month. Plus it is only 5 minutes from both our house and the hospital, so after much talk and deliberation between me and hubs we decided to make the big switch. We thought this was the perfect time, since Leah was starting to transition into the older baby class anyways at her current school. We are going to miss her old school (and especially her class’ head teacher!) so incredibly much but I am happy to have her at a school close to my work and a school that will save us a lot of $$ every month. So a new change is upon us! I know Leah is at the age where she still doesn’t care much about transitions, but I’m still a little nervous. And you better believe that I will be bringing her to school with Brett on Monday and probably crying as I drive into work after drop off.

And that’s life here in South Florida. For now, I am excited for the weekend and the chance to (maybe) paint our master bedroom. (Something we have been wanting to do for a few weeks now).
Happy Friday!!

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