Lately we’ve had a lot of moments like these. Lot’s of snuggles, lots of tears and LOTS of coughs. Our poor Leah has had a tough 2 weeks with an illness that just won’t quit. It started the weekend before last with a trip to the ER and a diagnosis of croup and finished yesterday with a high fever and a trip to the hospital for a chest x-ray. The poor babe has a nasty lung infection and it breaks my heart to see her body struggling so hard to fight it off. There is seriously nothing worse than seeing your baby sick. You want to take the illness away so badly and it just breaks your heart knowing that you cannot. And that cough! Oh man, every time she coughs she cries and I can just see how much it’s hurting her delicate lungs and throat. Brett half joked that her middle of the night croup attack she suffered last week left him with PTSD and it’s kind of true. You should see us; lying in bed listening to her in the next room (with both our doors wide open, of course). Leah will cough and we’ll strain to hear, making sure her breathing doesn’t sound labored. Brett will inevitably jump up “just to check,” which will leave me lying in bed, eyes wide open, waiting for him to return so he can give me the full report.  How is she lying? Does her breathing sound okay? Did her nasal passages sound clear enough? Did she feel like she still had a fever? And I’ve become “that mom,” you know, the crazy one that calls her child’s doctor 100 times, including Sunday night pestering him with questions; “Is it normal that she still has a fever? “Her cough sounds worse today..” “Should I bring her back in to see you?” “What can I give her to help her cough?” Crazy pants or not, I knew something was wrong when her fever climbed higher and her cough refused to subside. And this mom was right, thank you very much.  So finally she is on an antibiotic as well as an albuterol which together should work as a super team to finally kick this infection in the butt. And then there’s been the issue of work and daycare and what it entails to have an ill child when you work part-time. It’s been tough. And it’s left me with a strong desire and wish that I could stay home with this babe full time. Unfortunately, it’s not in the cards right now, but we’ll see what the future holds. But for now I am enjoying every snuggle, every extra minute I have with this loving chub. And on a positive note, we’re thankful that she got sick now and not in a few weeks when we have family and friends coming to help celebrate this special girl’s first birthday!

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