Summer Nights

Despite living minutes from the beach, we really don’t go very often. I think it’s because we tend to weekend up on “our island” about once a month, and when we are there, we hit up the beach all weekend long. But our island beach and our town’s beach really couldn’t be more different. Up on our island, the beach is narrow and quiet, usually full of washed up sea weed and shells and it has a calm, nature preserve feel. You spend a day on the island beach and it’s like a spending a day at the spa; tranquil and peaceful. Our city beach, however, is the total opposite. This beach is wide and full, thick with energy and colors, full of bikes and long boarders, 1930’s beach bungalows and ice cream shops. You spend a day on our city beach and your head will spin from all the interesting people watching you can do. Total opposites, and yet, I love them both equally.

Sunday afternoon, after church, after hubs and Leah both took long 2 hour naps and I folded laundry while watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix (yet another show I’ve become addicted to some 5 years after it originally aired) we decided to mosey on down to the beach for a little sunset hang. We quickly packed up some snacks, sandwiches, towels and Leah’s new Dollar Store sand bucket and shovel, and headed down to the beach. Leah and I sat in the tide, watching kids play while Leah piled wet sand into my hands. This crazy water loving kid cannot get enough of the sand, the waves, the ocean, and she could repeatedly crab crawl face first into the incoming tide, while I pulled her back up to her feet. Again, and again and again. No fear, this one. After an hour or so of sand digging and wave diving Leah enjoyed her very first peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which was really more of a peanut butter, jelly and sand sandwich. All the same it was a hit. As was the ice cream cone she enjoyed as we strolled down the boardwalk. We watched the sun slowly set as we made our way back to the car and we made it home just in time for Leah’s 3 favorite “B’s” (that would be bath..boobies…bed!)

It was the perfect way to finish out our weekend, so much so that we decided to make this our new Sunday afternoon/evening tradition. Who knows if we will make it every weekend (I’m sure we won’t) but I am so looking forward to spending more time on this (second) beloved beach of ours with my favorite man and my water crazed child. Here’s to many more perfect Sunday evenings.

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