Yet more beach pictures…and some ice cream


We had my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law staying with us these last few days and it’s been a blast. Over the weekend we took them to our beloved beach as well as our beloved ice cream parlor for dinner and dessert. Talk about a mountain of ice cream right there. Leah could barely contain her excitement at the thought of enjoying the deliciousness. Mother of the year right here let her baby eat wayyy too much ice cream (and whipped cream) which resulted in some large and nasty poos the next morning. Oh well. Welcome to the addicting world of dairy, kid! πŸ˜‰

Now we have my parents heading into town tomorrow for an exciting weekend of first birthday celebrations! I already have Leah’s day on Friday all planned out, full of her favorite activities, followed by a fun family and friend filled birthday party on Saturday! I am so excited, yet sad at the same time, thinking about her first birthday. I cannot believe that a full year has already gone by. A year ago tomorrow morning Brett and I headed to the hospital at 5 am, ready to be induced and excited at the thought that we would have our precious baby that day. Little did we know I had a long 19 hour labor ahead of me and that Leah wouldn’t be born until shortly after midnight on the 23rd! Now, after the fastest year of my life, we are preparing to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday and the very thought of it makes me want to cry! I’m not ready for her infant days to be behind her, but at the same time I’m so excited to see what toddlerhood will bring!

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