12 Months

Dear Leah Grace,

Happy first birthday!! I cannot believe that you are a year already. This has been the fastest, but also the happiest year, of me and daddy’s life. You have been such a blessing to us, sweet baby girl, and we feel so lucky to have you as our daughter.
This month has been an eventful one for you, our big one year old! You are talking up a storm (“All done!” “Buh-bye” “mama” “dada” and “hi” are still your favorite words/phrases, but you’ve added a few new ones this month too!) and you babble and laugh non-stop. Our favorite new trick of yours is your love of tickling yourself and others, complete with the cutest little “tickle, tickle!” noise I have ever heard! Although you are not walking on your own yet, I know you could do it if you really wanted to. You walk so steadily, holding on to just one of me or daddy’s fingers, and I know that as soon as you have the confidence to take off on your own you will do so without looking back. No hurry, for now we are still enjoying this phase of life when you aren’t always running away from us!
You had your 12 month appointment yesterday and you did so well with your finger prick and shots! I hate hearing you cry, but you recover pretty quickly once you are back in mommy’s arms. You weigh 21 lbs and 15 ozs and you are 30 1/4 inches tall. That puts you in the 70th percentile for weight and the 80th percentile for height. We have a feeling that you will be tall, just like mommy when you grow up! We finally switched you to a new big girl car seat because you were way too tall for your infant seat and you are loving your comfy new ride!
You had a lot of friends and family at your first birthday party last weekend and Grandma Becker, Aunt Lauren and Grandma and Grandpa Buckel all stayed at the house for a little while to spoil and love on you! You are such a lucky girl to have such wonderful family and friends that loves you so much!
Your favorite activity is still going to the beach and playing in the sand and the water. You are such a good little Florida water baby, which is good because we plan spending a lot of time in the water with you! Your favorite food is ANY type of fruit, but you can especially eat cantaloupe and bananas all day, every day. Good luck trying to get you to eat any veggie other than green beans and corn though! You are stubborn, stubborn and you definitely know what you like and dislike!
We love you so incredibly much, our Leah Grace. Thank you for giving us the amazing honor of being your parents. We look forward to spending many more wonderful years with you, sweet girl!
Happy, happy birthday!
Mommy and Daddy

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