Leah’s First Birthday Party!

IMG_0098 IMG_0123 IMG_0069 IMG_0119 IMG_0124We had Leah’s first birthday party last weekend and it was a fun family and friend affair. We kept it small, keeping to around 13 people at our house. We’re all about casual over here so there was no big theme, no extravagant decorations, just a few balloons, a display of some of my favorite printed Instagram photos of Leah from her first year (ordered from the excellent company Origrami!) a chocolate fountain with treats and a delicious homemade rainbow cake with butter cream frosting.  I thought Leah would be quiet and shy and would cling to her mommy with all these people around, but boy was I wrong! This girl loved being the star of the show, letting everyone pass her around, smiling and giggling, and playing with her best baby girl friend. She wasn’t too interested in the cake (she just wanted the icing and a few bites of mommy’s piece) but she was very interested in all the fun new presents she received! We are so lucky that we have so many amazing family members and friends who love our little girl and were more than excited to celebrate her first year of life with us. It was definitely the perfect day to celebrate our perfect baby girl!

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