A Day at the Pool

Hubs and I are blessed that, not only do we live in gorgeous south FL, just minutes from the beach, but we also have 2 pretty amazing family get-a-ways located within an easy driving distance. First is “our” beloved island and the fabulous vacation condo owned by Brett’s parents, which we escape to every chance we get. Although still relatively close, the island is about 2 hours away, which means it’s usually more of a planned weekend get-a-way. And then, a mere 30 minutes north, we have a little gem of a condo in a gorgeous (mostly retirement) development owned by Brett’s grandparents. This is the condo where Brett lived for a good 3 months when we first moved down to South Florida (before we were married) and I have so many fun memories of taking walks along the golf course with Brett, excitedly chatting about our upcoming wedding. We don’t go there often (as a matter of fact I haven’t been there in almost a year, when Brett’s grandparents were down in FL using it) and we don’t usually see it as a potential “vacation” spot. However, last weekend we were planning on having dinner with good friends on Saturday night, right up in the area where his grandparent’s condo is and so Thursday night, as we were talking about our weekend plans, hubs turned to me and said, “So hey, why don’t we head up to the condo Friday night?” So weekend bags were packed (side note, I have packed SO many weekend get-a-way bags for me and Leah that I could seriously do so in 5 minutes flat without forgetting a thing. I’m so good that when I was on my way up to meet Brett at his office Friday afternoon he called and said, “Oh, you’re already on your way? I was going to ask you to grab something…” And I was all, “I’ve already got it.” Weekend packing master, right here) and we headed up to our little weekend get-a-way.

Of course the plan was to stay one night, and then to go head back home Saturday evening after dinner, but after a leisurely run Saturday morning around the impressively manicured lawns of the development, reading one of Brett’s grandma’s Nicholas Spark’s novels by the pool and feeling like we generally were “away from it all,” we decided to stay all weekend. And seriously, even though we were a measly 30 minutes from home, it truly felt like we were on a relaxing weekend-cation. And Miss Leah had a blast getting the pool to herself all weekend, and the many throws she got from mommy and daddy into the air (which, I’m telling you, turns into an impressive arm workout after 5 throws). We also did a little trial underwater swimming with Leah and I was impressed with this one’s ability to kick and “swim.” I’ve seen a lot of videos of babies swimming underwater and, even though it seriously makes my heart leap in panic every time I see one, I’ve always been super interested in having Leah learn to swim early on. And since we gave birth to a water baby, I don’t think this will be much of a problem. This kid LOVES the water, and seems to have a natural ability to kick and float on her back (Do all babies? Probably, but of course you’re always most impressed with your own). I’ve told Brett that I want to sign Leah up for a mommy and me swim class at the Y this winter and I think it’s something she will definitely enjoy. And, living in South Florida, surrounded by pools and the ocean, as well as working in a children’s hospital where I have seen too many horrifying drowning or near drowning incidents, I am adamant in my desire for Leah to learn to swim and float independently ASAP.

So there you have it; our weekend get-a-way at the pool followed by a public service announcement to teach your babies to swim. 😉

Happy Labor Day!

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