A love story…chapter 1

So I know I have a blog tab where I (very briefly) share the story of me and Brett and how we met and started dating, but the reality is much more detailed.  So, I have decided to share our full length love story for anyone (anyone?) who may want to hear it. (For the cliff note version, feel free to check out the “Our Love Story” tab) I feel like one day, when the details start to get hazy, it will be fun for us and our children to be able to read the amazing story of how Brett and I became one.  It’ll be long, so I’ll plan on splitting it up into a few parts.  So here we go….

Chapter One-In which Christina transfers schools and meets a little, skinny blonde boy

To truly start, we have to go way back to my senior year of high school. That vital year where every 18 year old is attempting to figure out where they are going to spend the next 4 (or more) years of their life. My older sister, then a sophomore, had just transferred to Gordon College, a small liberal arts Christian school about an hour north of where we lived in Massachusetts. I applied and got accepted, thinking how fun it would be to go to the same school as my sister. Thanksgiving came and we traveled up to PA to spend the holiday with my mother’s parents. While there, we went to look at a house currently for sale on the lake where my grandparents lived. This is nothing new for my parents, as we tend to not go anywhere without walking through a random open house or calling to see a house on the market. They’re house lookers, as am I (side note, even now whenever we pass an open house sign I make Brett stop so we can walk through. Doesn’t matter where we are going or what we are doing…) Except this time; this time was different. My parents were looking for a change, my dad’s job allowed location flexibility, and my grandpa’s health was declining. So before I knew it, my parents had put an offer on the house and, hello, they were moving the family to PA after I graduated high school. Which left me freaking out. What was such an easy college choice before (a school where my sister currently went PLUS only an hour from home? Win, win) would now be a school 8 1/2 hours from home. And this homebody girl didn’t think she could handle that. In a rush I quickly and randomly applied to 5-6 schools in PA, within a few hours of my parents new home, and once I got accepted, my mom and I traveled out to visit them all. Long story short, I picked a school, University of Pittsburgh, had the freshman roommate from HELL (seriously, a story for another day), became increasingly depressed, and applied to transfer to Gordon for the start of my sophomore year, basically beginning back where I originally started. Little did I know that 1 year of delayed start would make all the difference in the world.

Gordon College. A small, private Christian school in a very wealthy area of the North shore. It was a breath of fresh air coming from Pitt (seriously, I will have to share the stories of my freshman year someday soon, they’re just too good not to…..) Gordon had this wonderful (said very sarcastically) program for all freshman and transferring students to get to know each other while at the same time enjoying in God’s great earth. Either A. You could go on a week long camping and hiking trip called La Vida, 2 days of which you spent totally solo or B. You could take a semester long Discovery course complete with bunches of super fun ropes courses and team building activities and ending with an overnight camping/hiking trip. Honestly, I’m an outdoorsy girl…to a point. I’m all about hiking and camping is super fun and what not, but I’m just a bit neurotic when it comes to bathrooms and being able to ummm….do my business. So the one night trip vs. the week long very intense, solo “finding yourself” no bathroom in site experience was definitely a no brainier. Add to the mix that my new college BFF was also planning on being in the same Discovery class cinched the deal. Brett, on the other hand, was busy in the administrative office trying to use all his wit and charm to find a way out of doing Discovery OR La Vida. He failed. Obviously because God knew he needed to be in the class to meet his future wife. 😉

So. Discovery class started. Let’s be honest, whenever you start a new class (especially a small one) you always casually check everyone out just to see who you’re going to be spending the next 3 months with. That first day my eyes casually skimmed over a short, skinny blonde boy with long fluffy hair. Cute, not that you could see much of his face under that hair, but it was hardly love at first site. At the time I had a boyfriend (who was at a different school not too far from Gordon) plus I was taller than this little blonde boy, which lets be honest, is not a desirable trait when looking for a potential boyfriend. The cute blonde boy had a Vanderbilt t-shirt on, given to him by his girlfriend who was currently attending that school. My good friend Stephanie struck up a conversation with him, since she herself had just transferred from Vanderbilt. The blonde boy smiled. He had dimples, which I admitted to myself, did make him even cuter, and he casually chatted with Steph about the school. Throughout the semester I rarely spoke to the fluffy haired boy. He and Steph seemed to have created an easy going friendship, based on her having gone to the same school as his girlfriend, and they chatted often, with me adding to the conversation every now and then. At the time things were pretty serious (as serious as things seem when you’re 18 years old) with my boyfriend and I truly thought he was the man I was going to one day marry.

The semester ended, as did my contact with Brett. From time to time I would see him around campus, and we would smile and say hello (especially if I was with Stephanie, who, let’s be honest, was the friendlier one of us both). Time went on and I didn’t think much about the little blonde boy anymore. More months passed and my sophomore year ended. I went home to PA for the summer, spent 2 1/2 months working in my town’s public library (because I’m cool like that) before coming back to Gordon for the fall of my junior year. A few weeks into the new year, while walking to chapel one day, I heard a “Hey! Christina!” I turned and there stood a much taller, much shorter hair, cute blonde boy with dimples. He smiled and hugged me and I thought “oh boy….”

To be continued….

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