A love story…chapter 2

First off, let me just say that I have been overwhelmed (in a good way!) from all the responses I’ve received on my last post. I have loved reading every one of the comments and the MANY emails I have received from you all. I don’t consider myself to be a child life expert by any means, but I LOVE this field, I feel accomplished in this field, and I would love to help anyone succeed in this field in any way I possibly can. So keep the child life questions coming, but be patient and bare with my as I respond to all the emails. I want to give each one the time and attention it deserves, so it may take me a little bit! PS. Any Florida child lifers out there attending the Florida Child Life Conference this weekend?? If so, let me know!! I would love to meet you. And for all you other child lifers out there, I’ll post next week about the conference and any interesting tidbits I learn while there. 🙂

So let’s get back to our love story, shall we?
In case you missed chapter one, it can be found here

Chapter Two: In which Brett comes back to school as a hottie and I want to put him in my pocket. (And that’s not meant to sound sexual btw)


How could you NOT see this face and think he was the cutest thing in the world?

So, where did we leave off? Oh yes, Brett left Gordon his freshman year as a short little fluff muffin and came back his sophomore year as a tall (still skinny) short haired stud. Oh summer vacations and the changes you bring. So there I was, about to go into chapel to spend some time with the Lord (and also because it might have been a requirement…) and suddenly this cute, dimpled blonde boy was hugging me. The same little boy I barely stole two glances at the year before. And yes, at this time we were both still dating our current significant others. I don’t remember what I said after the hug ended. I think I probably just smiled and said hello as we traded pleasantries about our summer. “Oh you spent your summer sitting at the front desk of your public library? Oh you read over 50 books in 2 months? You’re pretty much the coolest girl I’ve ever met!” (that was Brett, obviously).  And then we went on our merry way. (Brett was probs skipping chapel).

So junior year I was living in the married dorms. What?? You ask? Yes, weird, I know, but here’s the thing. Me, Stephanie (remember her from chapter 1?) and our good friend Lora applied for an apartment in the coveted apartment dorm that (mainly) went to seniors, and guess what, we didn’t get in. So just when we were giving up all hope of living together we got a call from the residence office saying “Hey, we’ve got a married apartment open, do you three girls want it??” Remember, being a Christian school and all, it wasn’t rare for students to get married during college years and would therefore need a place on campus to live (being broke college kids and all). Well that year there wasn’t a plethora of married people on campus so we graciously took one of the lovely basement apartments that were usually reserved for such lucky married couples. Being on a married floor and all was kind of a no-mans land because there was no official RA (resident adviser) on the floor and we technically lived next to a boy (with his wife) which meant that the floor was neither female nor male so then how could you have visitation hours for the opposite sex?? (oh the issues of Christian dorms…) All that to say, if we weren’t such goodie two shoes we could have had a LOT of male visitors and gotten away with it AND guess who was one of the RA’s on a male floor in the same dorm? That’s right; Brett.

Stephanie, still being the much friendlier one of us both, would make Brett cookies from time to time and he would come down and visit us (but really to eat the cookies-Brett LOVES cookies) and we would all chat and what not. Mainly because of the not really having any set visitation hours issue so he could basically come whenever he wanted. Later Steph and I would joke about how perfect Brett was. He was so polite, thanking us for the cookies and asking what was new with us. He would always talk so highly about his girlfriend, telling us about the surprise visit he was planning, and we jokingly called him “the perfect boyfriend.” And then the running joke kind of spiraled from there and he became the perfect boyfriend that we wanted to just carry around in our pocket. Creepy?? Perhaps, but what can I say it’s the truth. And then there was talk about cloning him so we could each have one of our own? So yeah, it might have just kept getting creepier.

At the same time my relationship with my then boyfriend was falling apart. Being long distance was not helping and we were starting to realize that we were two people who wanted two VERY different futures. He was a great guy, but we knew that it just wasn’t going to work out. Things ended for good in November and thus began many years of singleness. Kidding. Sort of. By the beginning of the next year (my senior, Brett’s junior-remember I’m married to a younger man ;-)) Brett had also ended his relationship with his girlfriend (oh the joys of long distance, although little did we know….that’s some foreshadowing for our story btw) and one night, before fall semester ended, me, Steph and Brett decided to all go out for dinner (We were sharing him at this point. Just kidding). I remember the night well because Brett and I got into a joking argument about where we were going to go to dinner. I was driving and I stubbornly sat at the exit of our campus being all, “Someone choose where we are going to go eat!” and Brett was all, “Just pick a place already!” and it might have been just a tad flirty. With Steph sitting in the car as well of course. And then dinner was full of Brett and I talking about our failed relationships as we compared and contrasted just how we were dumped. (only sort of kidding this time). Poor Steph was such a trooper sitting there with us, although to be honest all I remember was staring at Brett and thinking, “Who in their right mind would break up with this guy?” And then a few days after our dinner there might have been a pretty flirty Facebook wall post on my part being all like; “So next time we go out to dinner YOU need to pick the place!” Yeah, I know, I was pretty forward.

And then, just when you think something could have started between us…Brett decided to run off to CA for a year.

To be continued……..

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