Weekend Recap

We had a weekend chock-full of fun over here. Saturday we met some friends for dinner and we decided to head to a nearby park before hand to try to get some good family pics. Since both of our husbands have nice camera equipment we decided, “Hey, why not do a family photo swap!?” and take some cute pics of each other’s family. It started off well enough but Leah really had 0 interested in looking at the camera (especially when there were so many interesting people in the park to look at!) so, although some shots are pretty cute, she’s really not looking or smiling in any one of them. Oh well. It was still fun to get some cute pics of us all and we always enjoy having dinner with the Andersons! Leah and Bradley are basically in an arranged marriage (little do they know!) so we basically have to get them together every chance we get so they grow up and fall deeply and madly in love. 🙂 It’ll happen….

Sunday we had a wonderful, relaxing, family filled day. After a morning filled with free Dunkin Donuts coffee and some fall flavored donuts (Leah herself greatly enjoyed the pumpkin pie cream filled donut!) and church (where we ran into both of Leah’s first teachers! It was so great to see them, even if Leah did cry when they tried to touch her) we headed to the beach for the afternoon. Now that Leah is walking, going anywhere has become even more fun. It’s a blast watching her toddle along the beach, trying hard to keep her balance as the waves come splashing in. She entertained herself for hours, walking back and forth along the shore with daddy following along right after her. (While mommy lied on her towel and read her book, thank you very much!) I know I have said this time and time again, but man do I love our beach. Every time we go and walk down that boardwalk, full of such interesting people, I fall in love with my town all over again. Brett and I had a good laugh when we overheard a father tell his son, “Feel how it’s cooling off? Winter’s coming!” And it was about 82 degrees. Gotta love South Florida! And Miss Leah? That girl’s got swagger. Walking down that boardwalk, arms and hips swinging, acting like she owned the place. After one too many almost-getting-run-over-by-a-bike incidents, I finally swooped her up and stuck her back in the stroller (which was not a popular decision). This kid. She’s going to keep us on our toes, that’s for sure.

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