These pictures really have nothing to do with my post, but I just had to share them because they are just too cute. Over the weekend we jokingly put pig tales in Leah’s hair for the first time (followed by 2 mismatched bows) which, of course, led to an impromptu photo shoot on our bed. Those 2 black and white pictures up there of her standing on the bed? I look at those pictures and my heart stops for a split second because, when I look at those pictures, I don’t see a baby, I see a girl. And it breaks my heart a little.

Random thoughts…..
~I am STILL receiving multiple emails after I wrote this post and I honestly feel privileged that people are seeking me out for advice. Before I wrote the post I had been receiving emails here and there from women who came across my blog and had a child life question or two. So when I wrote that post, my intention was to help those “few” women out; answer their questions, and give some advice since we were in the middle of the spring child life internship application process. So I posted and suddenly I was getting emails from women, not just around the country, but around the world. And I love it. I love hearing from you all, I love hearing how far spread child life is becoming, I love hearing about others’ passion and love for this career I’m so crazy about. So to all of you that have contacted me; thank you! I will continue to answer your emails and try my best to help you out in any way possible!

~Leah’s mind is a sponge. Seriously I am shocked at what she continues to pick up and learn everyday. The other day my mother-in-law gave her a tiny little baby car seat for her dolls and Leah immediately knew what to do with it. She took her favorite baby doll and placed her right in the car seat and started to carry her “bebe” around the house. I’ve also caught her in imaginative play multiple times. Earlier this afternoon I put Leah down for a nap and, just 10 minutes later, I heard her “talking” in her crib. I snuck in to peek at her and she was sitting there, holding baby, bending down and talking into her baby’s face. She then lied baby down in the crib and stuck her own binky in her baby’s mouth and covered her with her blanket. It’s crazy to see her play mommy with her baby doll and it constantly reminds me that she is picking up on everything she sees around her. It only continues to encourage me to be the best mother to her that I can be.

~I’ve been thinking about nursing a LOT lately. Now that Leah is over a year I get more and more negative or surprised reactions when I say that I’m still nursing Leah. And it makes me wonder, for a second, if nursing Leah at her age isn’t as common as I once thought. But then I’m reminded that she is ONLY 13 months old. She’s still a baby; my little baby, and I’m not ready to be done with nursing yet. Which then makes me paranoid with the thought; who isn’t done with nursing: me or Leah? The other night at dinner Brett made a comment that he wondered if weaning would be more difficult for me than it would be for Leah. And it made me defensive for a few minutes before I realized that I was being silly. So at this point NEITHER of us are ready to stop nursing. She is still young and I still think nursing is beneficial for the both of us, but it makes me feel more aware of any signals from her that she may be ready to stop nursing in the future.

~After writing our love story part three, I have started re-reading the email book I put together of ALL the emails Brett and I wrote back and forth to each other before we started dating. I guess you could call that time period our courtship in a way?? I LOVE reading it and I laugh out loud at some things that we wrote back and forth to each other, and it’s led to a lot of “oh yeah! I remember that!” moments. It also makes me want to kiss that husband of mine every time I read something he wrote that was especially endearing. Brett thinks I should read the book more often then. πŸ˜‰

And that concludes my random thoughts of the week.

9 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Lauren says:

    As we are approaching my little guys first birthday and still going strong with nursing, my brain has been going a million miles an hour about weaning. I know I am not ready to stop and he has given me no signals he’s ready to stop either, but it’s hard to ignore comments from others about it. I know I shouldn’t let them bother me but my skin is much thinner when it comes to comments regarding my son! I am hoping to follow his lead and let him stop when he’s ready πŸ™‚

    • Christina Lynne says:

      Lauren, I totally feel the same! It’s tough not to let the comments get to you, even when you feel secure in your decision to keep nursing! But you are so right, we need to tune out everyone elses’ opinions and focus on our babies. When Leah or I decide it’s time to wean, we will do so, but until then I’m going to proudly stick with (what I see as) one of my best “mom decisions” I’ve ever made! πŸ™‚

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