Life according to my Iphone for the last week or so…
Sorry for the break in blogging, it wasn’t intentional, but let’s just say that it’s been a rough week in the Becker household. This past week has brought:
~A stomach bug that hit Brett
~A nasty intestinal bug that hit Leah (and unfortunately seems to be lingering) which has resulted in some crazy nasty diarrhea. Yesterday when I went to pick her up from school she was wearing 9 month pants (found in the bottom of the diaper bag) and a random 6 month onesie from the lost and found that said “Aunties Little Man” (yup, someone forgot to replenish the diaper bag spare clothes…) after she EXPLODED all over herself, the high chair and her poor teacher. Can’t say I was sorry about missing that one.
~A clogged milk duct in one of my boobs (side note, I feel weird about typing that word….) that has been annoying and painful. I have managed to nurse for 14 months without ever having an issue and now, suddenly, my milk duct just decided it was a good time to clog, resulting in a semi-permanent hot rice sock sitting on my boob for the last 48 hours.
~And a dislocated pinky toe. Years ago I broke my left pinky toe and managed to totally dislocate it. Now, every time I stub that toe (which has happened 3 times since) it re-dislocates causing extreme pain and resulting in me hobbling around for the next few days. Last night I managed to catch it perfectly on the bottom of our dresser and I heard the familiar “pop.” I dropped to the floor with a sickening moan and Leah broke into tears. But then she came over and hugged me which was cute, even if I was trying hard not to scream. So now my foot is tapped up tight and I am mastering the art of walking on the inside of my foot.

So yes…, fun week!!! But you know what? We are shaking it off and taking our hobbling, swollen boob, broken toe, diarrhea, nauseous family and we are heading up to the island this afternoon for the weekend. Because if there was ever a time that we needed a good island cure, it’s now.

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