The weekend was great…and now we’ve gone downhill once more.

So last Friday. I was hobbling around with a taped up, dislocated toe, Brett was finally starting to feel back to normal, and Leah was still having some “poo issues.” But that was okay! We could rally! And rally we did. We packed up our bags, got into the car, and drove up to the island. And it was beautiful.

Saturday night we drove to a nearby “Fall Festival” at this amazing equestrian farm in Vero Beach. Yes, it might have been 78 degrees, but it still felt very “fallish!” I was psyched for Leah to get to meet and pet real farm animals! She loves cats and dogs, but I was excited to see how she did with larger animals.

First up were the goats, which proved to be way too super scary.

We then headed over to the horses and when I saw that they were doing horse rides (and pony rides for the little ones) I knew we had to try to get her on that pony. When I stuck her on the pony’s back her initial reaction was to reach for me and cry, but I hugged her and left her sitting on the saddle, making encouraging comments. She stopped fussing right away and started to pat the saddle so we took it as an okay to start walking with the pony, and with that, Leah went on her very first pony ride!! She might not have laughed, or even smiled for that matter, but she didn’t cry either so I would say it was a success!

Our last animal visit was with a mommy bunny and her babies. Leah was a little unsure of them as well at first, but (as long as she was sitting on mommy’s lap) she was soon smiling and petting those baby bunnies!

On the way home Brett and I stopped at Sonic to grab some milkshakes for the ride home. I was a BIT disappointed when I realized that they had gotten my order wrong and had given me a chocolate coconut cream milkshake instead of my asked for chocolate cream pie shake, but hey, I won’t complain too much since it was still pretty darn delicious. And then I made the mistake of handing my shake back to Leah so she could taste a little sip. That girl got one sip and had my cup in a death grip when I tried to take it back. Once I managed to wrestle it back she broke in to the hugest fit ever and this mama totally gave in and handed the shake back. Anything for a peaceful car ride, right?? That smile cracks me up because she totally knows that she got what she wanted. Oh boy.

So magical island weekend, as always. We came back home, had a normal Monday, and then today I went into Leah’s room to get her up and nurse before work and I realized that her eyelids were totally glued shut with gunk. This picture is AFTER I used a warm washcloth to try to get most of it off and get it so she could open her eyes:

The poor baby, just getting over her nasty diarrhea, has now been hit with conjunctivitis. So she’s been home with me, taking warm baths (the only way to keep the gunk from re-sealing her eyelids shut again!) and wearing her Steelers slippers (a Christmas gift from grandpa last year!) Luckily with some prescription eye drops she should be as good as new in a few days. Of course knowing how highly contagious conjunctivitis is, my eyes have been itchy all day, just begging me to rub them as my mind convinces me that I am growing eye gunk by the second.

So that is how we went from a great weekend, to going downhill once more. This time with eye gunk instead of poop. Oh the joys of parenthood.

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