Halloween 2013

Although last year was technically Leah’s first Halloween, this year was her first Halloween experience. And let’s just say she ROCKED this Halloween.

The day started with me at work dressed as a pumpkin. Working at a children’s hospital is always more fun on a holiday because there is this palpable excitement in the air; both with the patients as well as the staff. We do a lot to make the day fun for the kids; funny hats/bandanas given to them to wear into surgery, Halloween costumes given out, parades being conducted, costume contests among the staff and pumpkin decorating contests….let’s just say it’s a blast.

The afternoon continued with a Halloween community party at my hospital, where I took Leah in her adorable pumpkin costume (at this point I was no longer wearing my matching pumpkin costume so sadly no matching mommy/daughter outfits). Leah’s homemade costume was given to me by the mother of one of our amazingly adorable patients and I was more than happy to continue the tradition of having my own amazingly adorable daughter wear it for her first Halloween experience. Every year our hospital has this crazy cute tradition where a local window washing company has their employees dress up as superheros and repel down the side of the building. They then pose for pictures with all the kids and it is adorable and so fun to watch their awestruck faces. Leah cracked me up at the party. Our hospital’s lobby was insanely packed and yet she walked proudly and confidently through it all while gazing around at everyone around her. We escaped after she got knocked down one too many times, but not without a struggle with letting her carry her pumpkin all the way back to the car. Which took a looooooooonnnnnng time.

And then came the grand finale; trick or treating. We weren’t sure how Leah would do, but let’s just say this girl was in her element. She proudly carried her candy bag like a little purse slung up on her arm, marching up to the front door to stand directly on the welcome mat. Time and time again Brett or I would try to move her back so she wouldn’t get whacked by the door being opened, and time and time again she would kick and scream and go back to her spot right on the welcome mat. The door would open, she would grab a candy (or a handful…) and then stick it right into her bag. This girl was just made to trick or treat. Although we didn’t get the “trick or treat!” phrase down in time, we did manage to get a few thank yous in there, (“tank twos!”) so that’s something. Brett and I also had a blast trick or treating since we managed to meet all our new neighbors we haven’t had the chance to meet yet since we moved in last February. And let me just tell you, we have some amazing neighbors! I also loved having trick or treaters at our house for the first time EVER, although we were grossly under prepared for how much candy we needed. Whoops…at least we know for next year!

Overall, it was a super successful first “real” Halloween with Leah. Can’t wait for many, many more years trick or treating with this cutie!! 🙂 Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

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