Life Lately

According the my Iphone, here’s some current happenings……

I’m hoping to run a half marathon at the beginning of March and Leah’s been such a great little running partner. Except when she decides to throw her sippy cup along the way and I don’t notice until I hear her little “Uh-ohs!!” 3 miles later….that’s not so fun.

The tree is up and we are officially decorated for Christmas! I really wanted a real tree this year, but since we are planning on flying up to VT to visit my sister’s new baby (who will be here any day now!) the day after Christmas for a week, hubs wasn’t too inclined to leave a dying tree for a week (for some weird reason Christmas trees don’t seem to last very long down here in the South Florida heat! 😉 ) and come home to a house full of fallen needles, so we went with a fake one this year. It’s funny because I read all these articles and blog posts about Christmas trees and toddlers and what to do to keep your baby (and your tree) safe, but Leah seems indifferent at best when it comes to our tree. When we first put it up and turned the lights on she gave a few “oh wows!!”  and she pointed out a few ornaments and exclaimed “ball!” but now she pretty much ignores it and hasn’t once tried to touch the tree or anything on it. Lucky us!

Last weekend we took Leah to our town’s annual Candy Cane parade along the beach boardwalk. She really wasn’t all that interested and pretty much buried her head in my neck once the parade started, but it was fun while it lasted!!

A sweet co-worker gave Leah this snowman cup as an early Christmas gift and to say Leah is a fan of it would be an understatement. She now enjoys all her morning smoothies from it and asks to carry it around even when it’s empty.

Brett is crazy musically talented (a trait that I definitely do not have myself) and I really hope Leah is as well. We joke that she is definitely not going to be a dancer (seriously she seems to be the only baby I’ve ever seen that basically refuses to dance when you put music on. And then when I crazily dance in front of her yelling “Dance Leah!” she gives me a scathing look like, “Stop it mom, you’re embarrassing yourself…” oh boy are the teen years going to be fun with this one!) However! She does clap along to any song (on beat!) she she has been trying to whistle and “sing” so maybe she will be a musician, since she’s already ruining my dream of us being on Dance Mom’s together (kidding. kind of….) Anyways, hubs got out his djembe and guitar the other night and they had themselves a cute little jam session. It was pretty fun to watch hubs drum out a beat and see Leah try her best to copy him.

We had the funnest play date at this amazing park the other day with Leah’s best baby friends. These three go way, way back (they started hanging out when they were only a month old!) and I just love both of their mommies. It’s my hope that they remain friends as they grow up, but let’s be honest, we will continue to make them hang out whether they want to or not. 😉

Poor baby has had a (high) fever the past 2 days so we basically have been doing nothing but snuggling over here. It’s kind of crazy, the difference between having one child and having many. When Leah’s temp spiked to 103.7 the other night Brett and I were freaking out, calling the doctor after hours and doing everything we could to make sure she was comfortable. We even let little Miss Bed Hog sleep with us the other night so we could continue to monitor her temp. We laughed when we thought about kid number 3 or 4 when it becomes “Oh you’re sick. Here’s your puke bucket, go lie in bed, I’ll check on you in a few hours….” But for now, with my one and only child, I’ll be the crazy mom who sits quietly on the couch for 4 hours just so her feverish child can comfortably nap on her chest

So there’s our life and all of our busy happenings! Now its on to the weekend and (hopefully) a healthy baby! Happy Friday!

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