Christmas 2013

Christmas Day was a quiet affair here at the Becker house. We spent the relaxed morning enjoying homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee while Brett worked long and hard at putting together Leah’s new dream kitchen (while she enjoyed playing in the box…) before I headed into work around noon, where I spent the afternoon walking Santa and his elves around the hospital, delivering toys.

The day AFTER Christmas, however, was when the real fun began. We headed to the airport nice and early to catch a 6 am flight to Vermont to visit my family and finally meet my sister’s beautiful new baby, Amelia Lynne, who was born on December 21st.

My sister and her husband live in a snowy little ski town and we had such a blast visiting; hanging out with family, walking around town all bundled up, letting Leah play in the snow for the first time ever (it was very short lived) and (mainly) holding that sweet new chubby baby!! Leah affectionately calls her new cousin “baby Me-me” and she was completely crazy about her. Anytime anyone was holding Amelia, Leah had to go over and give baby a snuggle, resting her head against Amelia’s, or giving her a sweet kiss on the top of her head. Watching Leah with Amelia, seeing how gentle she was with her and how much she loved on the baby, made me excited to make Leah a big sister! (Not anytime too soon! haha) And that baby is seriously the sweetest newborn I have ever met. She is so deliciously chubby and honestly barely cries. I think the whole week we were there I might have witnessed her crying (well really fussing would be more accurate) a hand full of times and it never lasted long. She is just so content! My entire family cuddled that baby like crazy, I don’t think she was put down during the day the entire week!

Brett, Leah and I got to stay with my other sister, Caitlin, in her cute little house she is renting in a nearby village and Leah had a blast with her Aunt “Yate-lin” and her “woof woof.” My sweet sister had stocked her house with all of Leah’s favorite foods as well as new blocks, puzzles and the ever-loved new Elmo doll so Leah felt right at home. Her poor little dog spent the week being chased around the house and lovingly hugged and patted every chance she got. We got to experience a big snow storm one night and we just had to wake Leah up in order to take a bundled up walk through the deep falling snow. It was incredibly gorgeous and did make me miss New England’s winter just a bit! (Although I changed my mind once I got off the plane and walked into the warm, ocean smelling Florida night air….) It was so hard to leave my family and that sweet little babe at the end of the week, I miss cuddling her already!

But now we are back to reality and are enjoying Florida’s winter, which is my favorite time of the year here! I’m looking forward to cooler days that are perfect for evening runs and sleeping with the windows open. We are looking forward to a new year and and exciting new changes it will bring to our family!

Happy New Year!

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