Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend we traveled up to “our island” to spend the long weekend with Brett’s parents and their good friends. We had a wonderful time (as usual) and the weekend zipped by way too fast. As for some brief weekend highlights; while at the island…

1. I ran 10 miles for the first time in my entire life and I was pretty darn psyched about it. Like I mentioned before, I am hoping to run a half marathon at the beginning of March and Saturday was my first long run (AKA my “let’s see if this crazy idea is actually possible” run) and I was able to complete 10 miles no problem! Without getting into a long back story, as a teen I suffered from compartment syndrome on both legs and even post surgery my legs are not 100% and super long runs (or jumping…or dancing…or really any high impact activities) are not generally my friend. However, I have been taking it slow and easy, building my mileage up slowly and not worrying about a speedy pace, and so far it’s been okay! Half marathon, here I come!!

2. I went kayaking on the river with my mother-in-law and her good friend Linda while Brett stayed home with the babe. I can’t even remember the last time I went kayaking and it was peaceful and gorgeous and just so much fun!

3. We spent a LOT of time reading and relaxing on the balcony, listening to the ocean waves below.

4. We watched some gorgeous sunrises. One morning it had gotten so cold during the night that you could see steam rise up from the water as the sun rose!
5. Leah worked on her modeling skills. Seriously this girl just loves the camera. While waiting for Brett one day I told her to go stand against the wall so mommy could take some pictures. She happily obliged; giving me a few good poses against the wall before running over to view the pictures on my cell phone.
6. We walked the beach and had an impromptu family photo shoot. It was hilarious because our sand loving daughter would not let her toes touch the cold sand without complaint! She is a true Florida girl through and through!

7. And to finish the weekend off, we stopped at our favorite drink place, Sonic, for some chocolate and strawberry shakes. Miss Leah got her hands on mommy’s chocolate shake and wasn’t too keen on sharing “her” drink.

Another fun weekend at our favorite island!

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