Child Life Internship/job help

unnamedThis little blog of mine gets a LOT of child life traffic, especially as deadlines for internships, grad school applications and interviews draw near. And as much as I LOVE getting emails and answering questions; helping out in any way I can, some of you have expressed the desire to send me your application/resume/child life philosophy/etc to look over and critique. And this takes a LOT of time because I want to do it RIGHT and give each application packet my 100% attention (plus I’m just a stickler when it comes to grammatical mistakes and run on sentences. As much as I may use them here…..)ย  Doing this on top of working and taking care of Miss Leah is extremely time consuming, BUT I really love the idea of helping out in any way I possibly can, especially when it comes to seeing my beloved field of child life grow and expand. So! All that to say, I have developed a little side business here. If you are interested in having me look over/critique/help you with your application, resume, child life philosophy, essay questions, etc. OR even do a mock phone interview, please email me for details on pricing (I promise, nothing is too expensive) at cbecker211 at gmail dot com.

For anyone else, questions about child life, internships, grad school advice, etc, will of course be happily answered at any time at no charge. ๐Ÿ™‚

*Disclaimer: I will NEVER tell you what to say in your essay or philosophy as this needs to be your own individual thoughts and ideas! This is more to help you with making your application really stick out amongst all other applicants.

**Disclaimer #2: Obviously I cannot guarantee you an internship, job, or acceptance into a child life program, as much as I wish I could.

***Disclaimer #3: Should I find that in the (unlikely) event that you are applying for an internship/job at the hospital where I currently work, in order to remain impartial in our process, I will be unable to give any in depth help.


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