18 months

Somehow my little baby is already a year and a half. I’m not really sure how that’s possible. One minute I’m waking up at 3 am, wondering if I will ever sleep through the night again, and the next, I’m chasing around this kid who seems to have mastered the arm cross and the attitude of a teenager over night. There is so much I want to remember, to forever lock in my memory, about this fun and vibrant age:
~The way she runs with her arms swinging across her rotund belly.
~The way she says bye to everything, even giving the bathwater a “buh-bye wa-wa” when she gets out of the tub.
~The way she cups my cheeks in her hands and stares into my eyes and you can just see her love.
~The way she licks any new food you try to give her and her “no dank dew!” when she inevitably decides that she doesn’t like it.
~How crazy observant she is and how she can look at a family picture of my family from 15 years ago and still point out “mama!” “papa!” “gama!” “Lolo!”
~Her insane and undying love for Elmo and Minnie Mouse. Followed closely with her beloved baby she sleeps with nightly, “Baby Meme.”
~Her little parrot voice repeating everything we say.
~How she can go from being deliriously happy, to full out drama queen break-down, in 2.5 seconds flat.
~Her crazy streak of stubbornness and defiance that causes her to slowly put one finger, while staring directly into your eyes, onto an item that you just told her not to touch.
~Her love of peanut butter and her desire to eat it on anything, all day, everyday.
~Her love of music and how I melt when I find her “singing” Twinkle Twinkle, ABC’s and Wheels on the Bus, alone in her crib.
~Her ability to count to 3 and her need to jump or step off of anything once she shouts “three!”
~Her adorable “whoops!” and “uh-ohs!” and “oops!” that are exclaimed every time she trips or falls.
~Her claim to have a “boo boo!” on any body part, at any given time, as she holds up her knee/finger/foot/etc for a kiss.
~The way she throws up her arms and yells “Hooray!!” whenever she is happy or excited.
~Her exuberant “ta da!” she gives when she does anything out of the norm, even if it’s just balancing a block on her foot.
~Her overall genuine sweetness and gentleness towards other people and animals.

This girl has me and her daddy wrapped around her finger, and she knows it! This past 6 months have been so fun, seeing her personality really blossom, and we can’t wait to see what the next 6 months have in store. We love you, Leah Grace!

4 thoughts on “18 months

  1. Amy says:

    She sounds like such a sweetie! You will look back at this time (and re read this awesome post) and be so happy you wrote it all down so you can remember those little precious little details. I should go write one about my little girl too, they just change too fast!

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