Life Lately…

1. I went to a Paint Party to celebrate one of my good friend’s upcoming wedding. Has anyone ever done one of these before? I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive when I first heard of the idea (partially because I am probably the least artistic person I know), but the night turned out to be a blast!! We brought wine and food and spent the night drinking, eating and laughing with friends while our instructor walked us step-by-step through the painting. And now my beach masterpiece is hanging in our back den! It was such a fun night and I definitely want to go back for another event!!

2. Our boss took the child life team out to lunch last month to celebrate March being child life month! My friend and I attempted to split that huge sundae between the two of us. Let me just say, as much as I LOVE ice cream, there was no way in heck we could finish that monstrosity. We made a pretty good dent though!! I know I say this all the time, but I LOVE child life and I am so incredibly grateful to work with the crazy group of women up there (and more…since not everyone is pictured…)

3. I made some amazingly delicious buffalo chickpea quinoa burgers the other day! It’s tough (if not impossible) for me to get Brett to eat any type of veggie burger, but when I saw that this chickpea “burger” was made with a healthy helping of buffalo sauce, I knew I had a chance! (Hubs does love his buffalo sauce). I thought they came out AMAZING and they received a thumbs up from Brett, which is not an easy feat. Let me know if anyone is interested in the recipe….

4. So we are officially getting a puppy!! Brett’s brother and his wife have two adorable golden retrievers who had  puppies a few weeks ago. Brett and I have been having the “dog talk” for awhile now, and golden puppies are just too cute to pass up. We have to wait a few months, obviously, but hopefully the new member of our family will be here early summer! Before we decided for sure, Brett wanted me to bring home my hospital’s therapy dog (who I’m a handler for) as a “trial run” to see how Leah reacted. I think it’s safe to say that Leah is pretty crazy about dogs, especially when it comes to feeding them crackers and trying to get them to drink out of her sippy. I also enjoyed some good cuddling with my favorite golden (who doesn’t know that she may soon be replaced for that number 1 spot…..)

5. Summer is officially on it’s way to Florida! I feel like winter lasted about 5 days this year (that one week…when it was gloomy and 50 degrees…) before it decided that it was time for summer. Which is fine with me. Because we are all about water play these days and are enjoying warm days at the playground and in our backyard!

6. The whole family attended a friend’s 1920’s themed birthday party. Brett is not one to dress up for any “theme” events (and to be honest, I’m not a huge fan either) but when I found out that a friend was having a 1920’s themed party I was pretty excited, mainly because I knew I had the most perfect dress. Brett was a little harder to convince to dress up, but in the end he was a good sport and I thought he looked quite dapper in his seersucker pants! (And Leah was obviously a doll in her pearls and feather headband…)

7. Lately Leah has been VERY picky about what pajamas she wears. Clothes during the day, she could care less about, but as soon as it comes time to change into her pajamas, she’s suddenly the most opinionated toddler in the world. The past few weeks she has been on a mismatched kick, and it just HAS to include her “Me-Mouse” shirt and “Eeeee Eeeee” pants. As you can see, she also likes to pair the outfit with her fancy Easter hat. Every night she asks “Me-mouse? Eeee Eeee?” And heaven forbid this lovely pajama outfit is in the wash and she becomes quite distraught. It’s so funny to see her little personality come out these days. One things for sure, she is a girl who knows just what she wants and she sticks to it!

8. The gorgeous weather means that we have started our evening beach tradition back up. Leah just loves strutting down the boardwalk and, as you can see from that first picture, everyone gets a kick out of watching her. This girl has a personality, that’s for sure. And unlike her mother and father, she seems to thrive being in the spotlight! Evenings at the beach are my all time favorite part of the day (and weekend) and I’m glad to start up this tradition once more!

9. Leah has figured out how to use the computer and there are many days when I’m busy in the kitchen and I peek into the back den to see Leah checking her favorite blogs or writing an important email…..

10. We have unofficially started pre-potty training over here. A few months ago, during an IKEA trip, we picked up a potty because it (like everything that is IKEA) was awesome and cheap and we thought “why not!?” For awhile Leah just enjoyed dragging her potty seat around and sitting on it (fully clothed) while she read a book or 2. Now, every once and awhile, she will point to the potty and ask “pee pee?” So we will pull down her diaper and let her sit on the potty while we run her bath or while she eats her snack. We really aren’t officially training yet, but I figured that it’s at least good for her to get to know the potty, and get used to sitting on it, so when we do “get serious” about it (probably after she turns 2) she will be ready to go!

11. I spent my first weekend away from Leah, traveling north to Savannah with some great friends to see our gorgeous friend’s wedding. (Much, much more on this later). It was so tough to be away from Leah, but I also had a blast! Since I nursed Leah well past one, that was always my excuse not to travel without her (and I liked having that excuse!) but now that we aren’t connected anymore (literally) it definitely does give me more freedom. I had such a great time on my girls weekend, but it was definitely nice to get back and kiss those squishy cheeks again!! (Leah’s of course…not Brett’s….haha ;-))

Whew!!! A lot has happened in the past month when I (unintentionally) took a break from this blog! Life is just moving so fast these days, I feel like I’m scrambling to keep up! Much more to come on my trip to Savannah. Happy Tuesday! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Life Lately…

  1. Tedi says:

    Hi Christina! I would LOVE that buffalo chickpea burger recipe if you have it. I love buffalo sauce and eat all veg so that sounds amazing.

    Sounds like you had a great month!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. K risten says:

    Hey Christina! I’ve been a big fan of your blog for awhile now. We have a lot in common — I’m about to graduate and enter the child life field! I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog ( I hope you’ll participate! Have a great weekend!

  3. Lauren M. says:

    I LOVE painting parties! I really wanted to do that for my bachelorette party, but it just didn’t work out logistically. Thankfully, my coworkers treated me to a smaller version of this without even realizing it was on my wish list. So fun!

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