13 weeks…and a pool day

14 weeks with Leah on the left vs. 13 weeks with baby number 2 on the right.

In a big belly contest, I think Leah is still winning…….

14 weeks with Leah vs. 13 weeks with baby #2

It is getting hot, hot, hot down here in South Florida. Saturday morning I was complaining about the heat to Brett and how I wish we had a pool when he causally said; “You know we can head up to my grandparent’s condo and use their pool whenever we want, right?!” And I basically jumped out of my chair and yelled “Let’s got!” Of course as we made the short 25 min drive north to the condo, it started looking like it was going to rain. As we pulled into the complex I could hear some thunder in the distance. I told Brett that we should just quickly take Leah to the pool before it got too bad, so we headed down, and 4 hours later….the sun was still shining and the clouds had cleared! That’s South Florida for you! Leah LOVES the pool! She becomes quite the little dictator whenever she finds herself in a situation where she has mommy and daddy’s undivided attention (which, let’s be honest, is a lot. This kid won’t know what hits her when baby #2 comes and she’s no longer the center of our universe) and she spent the day bossing us around in the pool. “Mommy! Swim!” “Daddy! kick!” “Mommy! Sit!” “Daddy! Bubbles!” She really is a bossy little thing. And yet we continue to do what she asks so, you know, we’re really helping the situation. And then we had a little mishap where she pooed in her swim diaper and I had left the spare up in the condo. So I had Brett take off her dirty diaper and clean her off and let her run free for a little while (I mean, she had JUST pooed, so really, what’s the worst that could happen?!) Brett went up to the condo to let out the puppy and grab a new swim diaper. And of course, not 5 mins after the diaper came off (which, side note, was hilarious. My confused child kept covering her little bum and asking “mommy? diaper?” we’ve obviously raised her to be quite modest) she looks up from running around the pool patio with a look of panic and shock on her face. “Mommy! Poop!!” she yelled, before performing an impressive squat and pooping on the ground. So that was fun. Luckily the wipes were with me and I was able to clean her up and scoop up the poo to throw away and we were back to being as good as new. Motherhood is so glamorous.

In other news, I had my 13 week appointment today!! Baby’s heartbeat is strong (145) and my doctor had to spend about 10 minutes chasing him/her around my womb as he/she swam away from the fetal doppler. My doctor said that everything looks super good, and being 13 weeks now, I can stop being so strict with my no exercise regime. I still have to be careful since we still do not know WHAT exactly is causing the bleeding (a polyp? high blood supply?) but the one thing she DOES know, is that it is not affecting the baby in the least bit so I am allowed to start moving again! Woohoo! I am already psyched to hit up my spin class this Thursday, which I haven’t been to in almost 3 months!!! I need to start of slow with low impact exercises, but as long as the bleeding stays at bay, I can slowly start to add in more and more high impact exercises (and hopefully run again soon!)Although it’s not a clear and concise answer, it made me feel SO much better that my doctor thinks everything looks great and I’m allowed to start getting back into my normal routine. I did want to thank everyone who weighed in on my last blog post. I got SO many private messages, emails, and blog comments with helpful hints, “I’ve been there’s” and just good thoughts and prayers, and it really meant so much! So thank you! I really do love hearing from you all!!

Besides the good news, there’s not much pregnancy updates to give yet. I want to do the same type of weekly updates I did when I was pregnant with Leah, so I will try to start that next week. As for now, no weight gain yet, (I always lose a few lbs in the first trimester because I’m so nauseous, but now that I’m, thankfully, ending my first trimester, I’m sure the lbs will start coming on soon!) no movement yet that I can feel, and I’m still feeling a bit nauseous (although that should end soon!). I’m craving a lot of fruit and salty snacks like goldfish and crackers with cheese. And I’m so so ready to be entering into my second trimester at the end of this week! As for a gender guess, I really don’t know. Every dream that I have, baby is a boy, so who knows….I can’t wait to find out although I still have a little more time to wait (my anatomy scan is scheduled for the 17th of next month..) Besides that, everything is great! 🙂

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