Gone to Carolina in my mind….

Oh my goodness, I have SO many pictures from our time in North Carolina (sadly, 90% of them are crappy Iphone pictures…) and yet, I feel like the photos only represent about 1/3 of our entire trip. We did SO much over the course of our 5 day vacation that it was impossible to catch every moment. But, with that being said, I’ll still bore you with the 50 odd random photos that I did manage to take. I’ll warn you, most of them are of my sister’s baby Amelia, because she seriously is the cutest little squish that I have ever seen!

As silly as it sounds, one of the things that I was MOST excited about with this trip was getting Leah and Milly in the tub together. I love, love, LOVE having a daughter together with my older sister and I take any opportunity possible to have them do things together (including bathing). Lets be honest, there is just something adorable about two chubby babes in the tub together and I was excited that Milly was finally old enough to sit up on her own and splash around with Leah. Leah was pretty thrilled at having a tub mate and I think she is going to greatly enjoy her little sister/brother once they are old enough to play with!

One of the best parts of the trip was our hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My sister and her husband had a hiking back pack for Milly, but since we did not have anything for Leah, sadly she and Brett had to miss out on the hike. They drove with us to the base of the trail and then stayed back, letting Leah run around the base and the visitors center, while the rest of us hiked to the top. It was funny because it was 80 degrees out when we left, but once we got up the mountain to the trail, it had dropped over 20 degrees!! My sister Caitlin and I were freezing our butts off, but luckily our brother-in-law came to the rescue with 2 long sleeve t-shirts that he happened to have in his backpack. Unfortunetely is was a super cloudy/foggy day (which did make the trail look pretty cool!) but it made it so we didn’t have the best views at the top. Still a great hike, none the less. My parents have hiked all over North Carolina, but this trail is one of their favorites. They named the hike “Prayer Mountain” due to the great ledge at the top where they sat and prayed a LOT over the year whenever there was a need. I’ll tell you what, there is something about sitting up there, admiring God’s amazing creation, that does fill you with the desire to pray!

And the BEST part was after the hike, when my parents took us to this A-MAZING bakery that sold these pastries called Mountain Eclairs. They were delicious and tough to finish, even when splitting them, because they were SO incredibly huge and filled with so much amazing cream! It definitely was the perfect ending to a hard hike! Leah greatly enjoyed reaping the benefits of the hard hike, without putting in any of the work…

Some pictures from our time out and about my parents gorgeous town of Asheville…..

Also during our visit….
We celebrated some birthdays (both of my sisters had birthdays at the end of May)

Leah waiting for her cake. It was funny, because after having 2 birthday celebrations in a row, every time we sat down to dinner Leah said “Happy B’rday!! Cake!!”

Leah enjoyed walking my parent’s dog, Cooper, and she pretty much insisted on taking Cooper for a walk around the block every day.

These two girlies were so, so cute together. I’ve been worried at how Leah will react with the new baby, but I really think she will be a great big sister. She LOVED playing with Milly, giving her huge hugs around the neck, petting her head, and exclaiming “oh no! Meme no cry!” whenever Milly got upset. It was so much fun getting to watch them interact and it made me even more excited to add number 2 into the mix!

On our last night in town we went to a local minor league baseball game. My brother-in-law is a huge baseball fan and it was adorable to watch him hold Leah on his lap and try to teach her about the game. I thought Leah wouldn’t last long (the game started at 7 and we were there past 9) but she LOVED every minute of “Bay-ball!” and she was happy and content to be passed from lap to lap and watch the game all evening.

I think this picture is deceiving. When I take pictures my bump still looks super small, but I swear it’s there!!! I think I look bigger in person than in pictures, but I know there still isn’t much there, even at 17 weeks. Oh the joys of being tall.

Such a great time and I cannot wait to go back! Asheville is such a hip town, very trendy and artsy with tons of cool shops and restaurants, and yet it also sits surrounded by gorgeous mountains and countryside. I think I would move there in a heartbeat, but I would have to convince this husband of mine. 😉 My wonderful parents just made the visit too much fun, I didn’t want it to end!! Until next time, North Carolina!

3 thoughts on “Gone to Carolina in my mind….

  1. Mom says:

    This was a great blog and fun to remember all the great times we had while you were here! Can’t wait until the next time! We miss all of you so much!

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