17 weeks

Let’s get these weekly pregnancy updates rolling, shall we?
Total weight gain: 0 lbs. This pregnancy was a little rough during the first trimester and between nausea and stress, I lost 3 lbs, so now I’m back up to my starting pre-pregnancy weight. I expect the lbs to start packing on no problem from here on out….
Baby’s heartbeat: I’m not sure, but I’ll know after my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. Last month is was 151 bpm.
Baby is now the size of: A pear: 5.12 inches and 4.94 oz. Brett and I were joking today that maybe this is our short kid as opposed to Leah (who is the size of an average 2 1/2 year old…) due to how I’m carrying (super small still). I know it’s typical for women to pop quicker with number 2, but it’s been the opposite with me so far…
Biggest craving this week: Anything salty!! I’m also obsessed with nectarines.
How I’m Feeling: Pretty good! Energy is getting back up there and I’m no longer falling asleep at 8:30 pm every night.
How clothes fit: Still wearing all of my normal clothes. Again, with Leah I was paper clipping my work pants to allow them to still fit at this point, but this time around they are still snapping no problem. My chest, however, seems to be growing at an alarming rate, so I’m actually looking forward to the stomach getting bigger and balancing me out a little!!
Movement: Not much so far. With Leah, I felt like I had a little jumping bean inside of me and I felt her movements early on (14 weeks or so). I remember seeing her during my 12 week scan and being amazed by how much she was literally bouncing around my womb. This kid (so far) seems much more chill. At our 12 week scan he/she was just casually moving about, waving to the camera every once and awhile, and his/her movements have been much more slight. I didn’t really feel much until this week when I’ll feel a casual little pop and roll at night.
Random: It’s kind of funny because very few people at work know that I’m pregnant. Obviously my boss does, as do the other child life girls, but 99% of the nurses on my unit still have no idea. I have a hard time finding a way to casually throw it into conversation “Oh, okay, so you are about to do an IV in room 12? Also, I’m pregnant!” So instead I’ve just been moving along, waiting for someone to notice (which has been absolutely no one so far..) I’m guessing a little after 20 weeks I’ll suddenly pop and it will just become obvious. Until then, I joked with my friend/office roommate that everyone must just think I’m casually packing on the lbs and growing a little gut…
Looking forward to: July 17th!! That is when we have our 20 week ultra sound. 2 1/2 more weeks and then we will know if Leah will be getting a brother or a sister!

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